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Results of finals voting of the 10-contest

For the contest to design a chess variant featuring the number 10, there was a two round voting. In the second round, only five people voted; however, the winner was rather clear, as for each other variant, a majority of the voters preferred the winner over the other variant. Also, two voters placed the winning variant on position 1 on their list; two other voters placed it on position three.

And the winner is ...

The winner of the contest is : The list of all the eight games that made the finals is: The calculation was done with help of a php-script written by Fergus Duniho and Steve Eppley, which can be found at webpage The table below is part of the output of the script. See on the webpage listed above for explanations.

Capablanca Random Chess (ca) 3334344
Eurasian Chess (eu)2 233244
Decima (de)22 33344
Odin's Rune Chess (od)211 3244
Chess with Batteries (ba)1111 233
Opulent Chess (op)22122 44
TenCubed Chess (te)100000 3
Countdown (co)1000000 

Congratulations to all the winners, and all those who made the finals of this contest. Many thanks to the voters and those who participated! And thanks to Fergus for this script and other help.

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