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Ben Good wrote on 2003-01-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
this game looks fun. i requested email opponents on the yahoo board last year, but i had no takers. moeser declined saying 4-player chess is more of an otb social thing, which is true, but right now i'm not in a place where i can come up with 3 otb opponents, and i'd like to try this game (also, i've played a variety of multiplayer email games on richard's server, and it works ok). i've played zillions a couple times, but zillions plays this one very poorly. i'm guessing it's because zillions doesn't understand the team concept, so the two armies don't cooperate, and since when zillions thinks for each army, it sees one against three, thinks it's losing, and therefore plays weird. <P> so if anybody wants to play, email me at i'm only looking to start one game, and it will be the squirrel version. i'd like to use moeser's checkmate rules too, even tho they are changed in the zrf - presumably because moeser's rules were too difficult or impossible to implement in zillions (i'll be using zillions to keep track of the game position, but i should be able to work around it once one player is checkmated, since i won't actually be playing against the computer).

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