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P. A. Stonemann CSS Dixieland wrote on 2022-07-10 UTC

Chess Variants World Wide Web server availability report. By P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

About 15 hours Universal Time Coordinated on Sunday 10th July 2022 the Uniform Resource Locator:

...has been checked for availability. The initial page of that Web document has been loaded from various world-wide locations, according to details given below in this report. A short introduction is given first:

For measuring up-time several checks would be necessary along a defined period of time. Such measuring has not been executed, as it is at the moment deemed more important to check geographic availability, than chronographic availability. Many causes may intervene in the availability of a server to one or several locations, or to all of them. A typical cause is maintenance: the Web Master, or also the hosting provider, need some time for performing tasks of technical nature. During that time the document or service may be redirected to another server, or may show a page informing the visitor that there is a temporary down time for attending maintenance work, or may simply be unresponsive and result in a message of error after the time limit set for the query. The server may not be down completely, but may be slow in responding. A more detailed explanation of possible causes is beyond the scope of this report, but the Distinguished Players of Game Courier, if interested, will find general information in Internet. They may also write to the author of this report for more specific guidance to technical documents on the subject, which will be instructive.

The hosting provider for the Web document is Cloud Flare. The availability checking service is Uptimia:

As it can be seen in the report hyper linked above, the complete initial page of Chess Variants has been loaded from forty-three locations world-wide with and average time of 12600 milliseconds, but of course with ample variance of loading time from one location to another. Exact loading times by location, domain, content type, and other parameters, can be studied in the data referenced above. They appear normal.

Here is a list of Web availability checking services with complementary characteristics, for the interested:

A second check has been performed using the services kindly offered by Regery, with the following results:

As it can be observed, the Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol numbers are from some locations and from other locations. The hosting server is located in Toronto. There has been no problem for loading the complete initial page of Chess Variants from: Ashburn, Bombay, Dublin, London, Frankfurt am Main, Paris, Portland, São Paulo, San Jose, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

The ticket for both services, Uptimia and Regery, may probably have expired by the time when this report is read. In such a case, the Illustrious Readers of Game Courier are invited to repeat the check themselves. This Web availability checking service, Regery, is heroically working from Ukraine, under appalling conditions, and requests international support for the Noble Cause of Sovereignty, Independence and Freedom of the Ukrainian Nation:

Conclusion: it is the assessment of the author of this report that the difficulties recently experienced by the Honourable Members of Game Courier can be explained by a probable need of maintenance work that the Web Master Mister Fergus Duniho, or another authorised person or persons, had to execute. The reason has not been disclosed by the Web Master, but it can be seen as normal in a Web document of this size.

Dixieland for ever ! Slava Ukrainie ! P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

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