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Slide-shuffle. Variation of Shuffle Chess with special castling. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
tommy wrote on 2005-07-12 UTC
better than poor, not quite as good as good.

i don't see this variant to be a completely satisfactory solution.
castling with non-rooks?! (very) long-castling to a corner from the other
corner defies the logic of the original reason for castling (eg, to get
the king safe).

why have castling at all? to quote the author '1. Standard
without castling, leaves out an exciting element.' personally i have
experienced the 'excitement' of castling.

finally, i don't think you need to have 2880 set ups, since 1440 will be
mirror images of the other 1440. you don't have this in fischer random
chess, because of the unsymmetrical castling found there. the only reason
to keep 2880 set-ups is if you expect to play with a significant
left-hand/right-hand bias.