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The Bermuda Chess Angle. Pieces can vanish in a central grid (The Bermuda Chess Angle) depending on dice-determined coordinates. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-02-13 UTC
Antoine and Fergus: Thank you for the dice/random related comments.  I cut
and pasted cde from Vegas Fun Chess and tried to edit it.  The Goal is
1) Player # 1 moves.
2) 1st Dice rolls a letter 'CDEFG or H'
   2nd Dice rolls a number '34567 or 8'
(Combined, these indicate a board coordinate like F6, where a piece or
pawn, if present, gets removed from)
3) Player # 2 moves
4) Action 2 repeats

So, these are post-auto move actions, instead of pre-auto move actions, as
in Vegas Fun Chess.

I imagine it is a simple thing.... but I've been playing around and keep
getting error codes.  On the last attempt I tried adding some quotation
marks at the front and back of the dice possibilities... but still no go.

If easier, I could use one 36-side dice... but the two will work if coded

Here is my latest error.  Fergus and/or Antoine, if you know what I should
do to fix this I'd be much obliged.

on line 1

['CDEFGH']-Dice7 is not a valid expression, because ['CDEFGH']-Dice7
is not a recognized piece, coordinate, command, or subroutine.

For the sake of debugging, here is the full GAME Code program that this
error occurred in. The lines have been properly indented to help you spot
scope errors.

   0 sub postauto1
   1   ['CDEFGH']-Dice7
   2   ['345678']-Dice5
   3 endsub
   4 sub postauto2
   5   ['CDEFGH']-Dice7
   6   ['345678']-Dice5
   7 endsub
   8 moveindex 0
   9 f2-f4
  10 postauto1
  11 end

The game in question is located here:

Thank you...