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Hoo Mitregi. Intermediate between Mitregi itself and Dai Mitregi. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Andy wrote on 2007-02-25 UTC
Joe, thanks for offer to play shortrange games, but I regret must decline. Your points are clear and well considered, even I don't agree all of them. I stand by comment that this game has steep learning curve, other than for veteran CV players and designers like you. Don't forget your learning curve less steep than 99% other gamers because you are CV designer yourself. For shortrange pieces, I find balance is better, both short and long in same game. Control of ranks, files, diagonals is such big part of chess strategy. But I have not much experience in games all shortrange, so now I assume your opinion has more weight than mine. And I am not convinced Charles Gilman analyzes games well enough before releasing. He releases too too many games many of them weird boards and weird pieces and too many pieces, he can't give all games full analysis needed to make full playability. If he would release 10% as many games and analyze each one 10 times more he would be good designer.