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Paulovits's Game. Istv.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
M Winther wrote on 2007-05-24 UTC
The easiest way of creating Zillions chess variant implementations is to choose the Fairy Chess alternative. Then you can right-click and set up any pieces in the initial configuration. For instance, you can set Nightriders in place of bishops, and a Fers in place of the Queen. When you are ready you save it to a gamefile that is named according to your variant name. When that gamefile is double-clicked your initial configuration will be immediately set up. This is a remarkably easy way of creating chess variants that are publishable. The only file you need to submit is the gamefile, and possibly a textfile with comments. If you want to create a 10x10 variant, choose the the Grand Chess variant. One can experiment with unequal armies this way, and it's an easy way of publishing fairy chess problems.