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Tiled Squares Chess. Play this game, where you drop tiles to create the board as you play![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-08-03 UTC
Hi, Tony.

Yes, while I've been aware of how to drop tiles and that has worked for me just fine in the game I'm playing with George Duke using those notations $ and %, there is no way in your preset to drop anti-tiles. Simply eliminating the space creates an empty space, undifferentiated from all the other empty spaces; there's nothing to indicate that it is not just an empty space but in fact an anti-tile.

So, I created a preset which allows one to drop anti-tiles, using the alias a (or, even though there is no need to differentiate black or white anti-tiles, it might just be helpful to have a reminder as to which player dropped an anti-tile, so also A). Tiled Squares Chess exactly the same as yours (it uses the notations $ and % to drop respective tiles) with the difference that it also permits the dropping of anti-tiles.

Or am I perhaps misunderstanding something? If there is no need to differentiate between anti-tiles and empty spaces, then why do you make the distinction between an anti-tile and an empty space in your rules? Why do you say Anti-Tiles may not be removed from the board except when a King moves onto an Anti-Tile?

On the other hand, if my preset is more in line with the rules, then please feel free to replace your preset with mine. I don't know how to do that myself (nor do I know how to correct the images in the rules below the preset).