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Two Large Multi-Move Games. Two large multimove variants with multiplayer potential. (24x12, Cells: 288) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-10-24 UTC
Larry, that would be great if you can manage it. A Zillions implementation of this game, I might just be able to win! The game, like Go, clearly scales - I've posted a 12x8, 12x16, and 12x24 version. The scaling has the same effect as in Go, also, with the larger games having more strategic depth. I also admit to being tempted to bring it up to 12x32 and 12x48. The largest size should present an interesting effect of players each winning on opposite ends of the board, having to change direction 90 degrees, regroup, and attack again to win. 

How big is too big to be playable? To an extent, it depends on the piece mix. I found that the 12x24 Superchief is easily playable with 5 different piece types, but the 15x30 Overlord is somewhat harder to play, more because it adds 2 new piece types, for 7 total, than because it adds 2 leaders to Superchief's 6, to allow 8 moves per turn. So a 12x48 using the 5 original [shortrange, thus easy to see attacks coming] pieces should be playable without too much difficulty. Probably the hardest part would be trying to see the entire board at once, for overall strategic planning. [These games cry out for face-to-face team play. Or a 1 vs 8 game.]