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2 Queen Rocky Horror Lycanthropic Chess. Featuring pieces that automatically flip into wyrd and not so strange counterparts. (10x8, Cells: 68) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Smith wrote on 2009-12-31 UTC Jeremy, there seems to be a problem regarding the cylindrical nature of the board and the corner squares. If one moves a Cylindrical Bishop in the direction of a corner, as it is in one square of the corner, the square loops diagonally to the square one removed from the opposite corner of the same rank, e.g. a7 loops to h8. However, the visually proceeding square is just the corner, e.g. x8. Does this mean it can move to both h8 and x8? Or only h8, or only x8? Or do they become the same square, causing the board to fold into itself and create a wormhole? When I visualize Cylindrical Chess, the left file usually orthogonally corresponds to the right file. However, in Rocky Horror Chess (if that's an acceptable short form), this would imply the adjacency of the corner squares and squareless spaces along the rest of the files.