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Unicorn Great Chess. Lions have been added to Unicorn Chess! (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-01-26 UTC
For genuine participants, there is no reason not to have each ranked CV fully imprinted in mind with all the gory detail. Then to compare perfectly right down the line: [Bifurcators(#1) > Great Shatranj(#2) > Mastodon(#3) > Three-Player(#4)...]  Unicorn Great(#5), in explanation of its rules-set, may have had early short shrift. U.G. is resonant with Schoolbook(#10) in having the Carrera compounds. Centaur(BN) is strengthened to Unicorn(B,NN). Additionally, Betza's Half-Duck used here, and not used here Mastodon, and Murray Lion modified for upcoming Bilateral are three leaders among the different promising short-range-piece solutions -- solutions insofar as a problem exists that historic Knight has been the only standard short- or medium-range chess piece, with all Knight's defensive limitations,
mounted on 10x10. No Centaur and stronger Unicorn instead set that pairing with Champion(RN) off better on 10x10. Low-piece-density Grand Chess, for all the sickening past hype, is non-starter compared to these two Carreras, regular-density Schoolbook and Unicorn Great, enhancing 400-year-old Carrera. By U.G.'s conception, Half-Duck's reach up to three would optimize range necessary to prevent diminishment of Pawn effectiveness; so ''(#5)'' here is non-frivolous indicator.