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Crossbishop ChessA game information page
. Introducing the Crossbishop piece, with interesting cannon capabilities (Zillions file downloadable).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on Thu, Aug 26, 2010 12:26 AM UTC:
Crossbishop is inverse Thraex. Crossrook, Gaul, Thraex, and Crossbishop are four bifurcators and all use the jump-screen method. The two other main methods are collision and bounce. Each of those will produce four piece-types about the same way. That makes 3 times 4, 12 of the bifurcators, each different piece-type. The other two, collision and bounce, actually create quite a few more than four through different interpretation and modality. All three -- leap, collision, bounce -- key off one screen at a time. Screen potential is just any piece on a square adjacent to a radial pathway from a departure square. Only several bifurcators were previously defined until Winther extended the list to over two dozen. When I claimed up to 10 Crossrooks in another comment yesterday, a couple of the definitions overlap or coincide with previously-invented Gaul etc. Regardless the specific work-up, even towards 100 piece-types operating like these (double screens, whatever), it is hard to imagine Winther's already described not forming the core examples, drawing as they do on the 5 or so of Jeliss mostly from 1970s. (Just as within oblique multi-path, Falcon as 3 and Scorpion as 4 are sure to be invariable hardcore multi-path units around which devolve the deviates)