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Fusion Chess. Variant in which pieces may merge together or split apart. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2016-07-25 UTC

I'd love to play it on a real board, if I had the special pieces...

Some small sets you can pick up in a dollar store will do. You just need to be able to fit two pieces on the same space. Or, if you do want the compound pieces, you can pick them up from the House of Staunton. See House of Staunton Chess Variant Kits for details. At least that works for the Marshall and Paladin (a.k.a. Chancellor and Archbishop), but the compound royal pieces have not been made. For those, you could conceivably use fancier pieces from another Chess set, stick crosses on some Chess pieces, or pick other Chess variant pieces from HOS to represent them. The Fortress might work for the Dragon King, the Dragon for the Pope, and the Unicorn for the Eques Rex. I have ordered these pieces and will add them to the page soon.

can a player's original queen "split" (fission) or is that piece permanently a regular queen?

Quoting from the Queen's piece description: The Queen is a combination of Rook and Bishop. It may separate into its components by moving one of them to an empty space.

 Can a pawn promote to a fused type such as marshal or is queen the only option?

Quoting from the Pawn's piece description: Upon reaching the last rank, a Pawn may promote to a Rook, Bishop, or Knight. It may not promote to a Queen, Marshall, or Paladin.