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About Game Courier. Web-based system for playing many different variants by email or in real-time.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Christine Bagley-Jones wrote on 2021-03-06 UTC

Hi, when i click on 'what's new' and then 'last game courier move' i get

The Chess Variant Pages: 404 Error - Page not found Welcome to the Chess Variant Pages, a site about games related to, based on, or similar enough to Chess.

We're sorry, but the page https:/​/​​pbm/​logs.php could not be found.

This page is not listed in our database. The URL may be misspelled, the page may have been removed or renamed, or the page may have never existed.

Here are other pages with the filename of /logs.php:


ok, when i click on that i am starting to see games, there is 4 there right now