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Two Move Chess. Designed to alleviate the first move advantage for White using double moves, while retaining the tactics of international chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ted Larson Freeman wrote on 2021-08-29 UTC

(Note: I have edited my answer below to improve the example.)

You make an excellent point, H.G. I will adjust the rule for threefold repetition to state that the positions are only considered equivalent if the entire state of the game is the same (e.g. if a position occurs half-way through a two move turn for Black and the same position is repeated later at the start of a turn for Black, those two positions would not be considered equivalent).

Your second point is thought provoking. The existence of the threefold repetition rule in international chess does provide a target for a player who is behind to still achieve a draw. My goal with Two Move Chess is to alter the game as little as possible while eliminating (or at least reducing) White's first move advantage, so I think we need to keep the rule.