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P. A. Stonemann CSS Dixieland wrote on 2022-08-01 UTC

Absolutely correct, Monsieur Cazaux. I have notified the ridiculous wrong name of 'Chatarunga' to Lady Christine Bagley-Jones, who is the strongest player of Chaturanga and Chaturaji in Game Courier. She is aware of the gross error, and has notified it to the creator of the preset, Mister Joe Joyce. Mister Joyce, however, HAS NOT RECTIFIED THE BLUNDER. I have informed the Lady that I REFUSE to play with a preset wrongly called 'Chatarunga', then I have created my own presets for Chaturaji, which I have called 'Two Players Chaturaji' and 'Two Players Chaturaji Coloured'. One preset distinguishes each of the four armies by the orientation of the soldiers, the other by the colour of the soldiers:

You, Monsieur Cazaux, and the other Distinguished Members of Game Courier, are invited to read what I have written there and to indicate possible corrections.