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Zillions of Games. It can play an endless variety of abstract board games, and we have a large collection of Chess variants you can play on it.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Michael Nelson wrote on Wed, Nov 8, 2023 03:10 AM UTC:

This code works perfectly with correctly defined zones:

(define push-n (n (while on-board? (if empty? add (verify false))(if (in-zone? board-edge-n) add (verify false)) cascade n))) (define push-e (e (while on-board? (if empty? add (verify false))(if (in-zone? board-edge-e) add (verify false)) cascade e))) (define push-s (s (while on-board? (if empty? add (verify false))(if (in-zone? board-edge-s) add (verify false)) cascade s))) (define push-w (w (while on-board? (if empty? add (verify false))(if (in-zone? board-edge-w) add (verify false)) cascade w)))

The (verify false)'s are essential to stop move generation when the final square is found, otherwise, Zillions crashes. I decided to use rook-wise pushes to complement the piece's bishop-like move.