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Alice Chess. Classic Variant where pieces switch between two boards whenever they move. (8x8x2, Cells: 128) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Larry Smith wrote on 2005-01-13 UTC
During a recent game at SchemingMind, the subject of the weakness of the
Alice Knight brought forward an interesting possible variation to the

Allow the Knight to capture on both fields.  In additions to the standard
capture move, it would be allowed to capture the destination cell of the
opposing field.  It would still only perform a single capture during a
move, and still be bound to one-half of each field.  And it would still be
restricted from moving to a friend-occupied cell.

This increase in power would greatly improve its influence in the game.

Unless this variant rule has been previously proposed, I suggest that it
be called Alice Knights.