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More10. Chessvariant on a board with 10 squares. (2x5, Cells: 10) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Roberto Lavieri wrote on Sat, Feb 26, 2005 01:04 PM UTC:
MORE10 is based on an old unpublished game I made, called MORE, but the rules and piece movements have changed a lot, in the new game I used directions inspired in the Gold movement, as pointed out by Charles. This game works better in moderately bigger boards, but not as big as 8x8. In 4x7 or 5x7 it is fine, selecting a good initial setup. I used 2x5 as an attempt to see if it should be possible construct a playable Chess game in minuscle dimensions, so little as ten squares, for the contest. My first tests withe the old MORE was unsuccessful, the game ended all the time in 6 to 8 moves with a White victory, it was a headache find a good selection of rules and movements. I think this game is not trivial, but it would be possible, using extensive computer experiments, find the best squence of moves, because the dimensions can make it factible. Nevertheless, I have played some test games, and I was somewhat surprised by a MORE10 test game in which there were around 70 moves to finish. This game never ends in draw, due the rules. Is this game a White victory?.