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News Item: New sets of Exchess (Superchess)

Exchess is the name under which sets of pieces for the chess variant Superchess, invented by Henk van Haeringen from the Netherlands, are sold. The sets are of an excellent design and a real joy for the eye; pieces are designed to fit well together with a regular (Staunton) set.

Recently, new sets have become available. The Exchess set 1 can now be obtained together with a matching regular set of chess pieces. Also, a second set, with 10 new models, and in total 32 pieces is available for 89.95 euro's, excluding postage. For contact information, you can look at the Superchess website:

Posted by Hans Bodlaender.
Web page created on: 30 Aug 2002. Last modified on: 30 Aug 2002.