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News Item: News on Superchess

Much is happening around the chess variant Superchess: for the second time, the game is played as one of the events of the famous Corus Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. In this Dutch championship of Superchess, four variant pieces are used: the amazon (moves like queen or knight), the empress (moves like rook or knight), the princess (moves like bishop or knight), and the veteran (moves like king or knight). The event takes place January 29, 2005. The participants of the championship include some strong chess players, like international chess master IM Jop Delemarre and women international chess master WIM Isabel Werner

At the Superchess website you can read more, and find some problems where the variant pieces play a role.

Also, the third set of pieces for the Superchess game (called Exchess set 3) is soon available. These are very elegant variant pieces, designed to fit very well with a standard Staunton type chess set. For more information, see the Superchess website:

Posted by Hans Bodlaender.
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