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The Piececlopedia is intended as a scholarly reference concerning the history and naming conventions of pieces used in Chess variants. But it is not a set of standards concerning what you must call pieces in newly invented games.

Piececlopedia: Raven

Historical notes

The Raven is a combined Rook and Nightrider. It is primarily a Chess problem piece, however, it does appear in Ralph Betza's game The Way of the Knight as a possible promotion. On Jérôme Grimbert's webpage on Fairy Chess pieces, this combination piece is called a Varan (another name for a Monitor Lizard).

Source: George Jellis, A Guide to Variant Chess.


The Raven combines the moves of the Rook and the Nightrider:

Movement diagram

In the diagram below, the raven can slide to all the squares marked with a black circle, and leap to those squares marked with a white circle.

Raven movment diagram

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