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Chu Shogi

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Chu Shogi is a historical large Shogi variant which was the dominant form of chess in Japan, until the introduction of piece drops caused it to be replaced by modern Shogi. Here is a selection of presets for playing Tenjiku Shogi on Game Courier. Each preset allows pieces to be moved with the mouse, asks what pieces should promote to, enforces the rules, and spots winning conditions. However, it will not notify you of check, checkmate, or stalemate, since there are no rules concerned with these conditions in Chu Shogi. The rules for repeated board positions are not enforced by the preset thanks to them being next to infinitely complex, so it is up to the players to abide by these. All the following presets use the same settings file and differ only in how they have been customized to use different boards. If you find any bugs in the routines used for enforcing the rules, please report them to Adam DeWitt.

Japanese Pieces

Chu Shogi

Latin Pieces

Chu Shogi

The original presets were made by Antoine Fourrière. They have no rule enforcement or display of legal moves.

A preset that uses Alfaerie Pieces was made by Jeremy Gabriel Good. It has no rule enforcement or display of legal moves.

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