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Wolf Chess

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This is a popular variant, known from the 1940's.

A wolf combines the moves of rook and knight.

A fox (shown here as a pegasus) combines the moves of bishop and knight.

A sergeant moves and captures one square forward (straight or diagonally).

A rider moves as a knight, and can keep moving on the same turn in the same direction until it is blocked by a unit of its own color, or captures.

Any pawn or sergeant is entitled to make its first move as two squares forward.

A pawn can capture a pawn or sergeant en passant. A sergeant cannot capture en passant.

A pawn promotes to an elephant, which combines the moves of queen and rider.

A sergeant promotes to a queen. In the original rules, one could choose (sergeants not being allowed to promote to elephant). I simplified by making the promotion choice automatic.

There is no castling.

Otherwise the rules are as in standard chess.

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Ed's Chess Variants

These are simple illustrations rather than strong opponents.

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