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Insane Ninja Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

The game is identical to orthodox chess in every aspect except for extended en-passant rules,initial pawn move, flexible castling and the 2 new pieces.

Click here to Play Insane Ninja Chess

Note that there are two extra pawns (ninja pawns) before you start. They will disappear when the preset is started. If you wish you can play ninja pawn drop rule. (~p=black ninja pawn and ~P white ninja pawn)

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Click here to Play Insane Ninja Chess 2
The Ninja Guards cannot leap like camels here and the board setup is different.

This game was derived from the excellent subvariant Birds and Leaping Ninjas. In this game there is a pair of leaping ninja guards but Flying Bombers replace the insane ninjas. Click here to play Birds and Leaping Ninjas

The Insane Ninja

Moves/captures like a Ferz + Aflil + Dabbabah. + Wazir. It can also capture like a single draughts piece by jumping over, and it can combine both types of capture to take two pieces.

The Leaping Ninja Guard

The Ninja Guard is a diagonal only version of the insane ninja. The leaping ninja guard adds the Camel's leap to its moveset.

See Game for more info
Also see here for more info on Birds and Leaping Ninjas

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