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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev.

ChessBreakTimes Chess

I'm doing chess-based RPG called ChessBreakTimes, in which will be standard and fairy chessmen, two-player modes of game as well as multiplayer ones, and unique features like: canvas bags (CBs) opening by 30 pawnpoints and containing random thing (from value and power points to Abilities or even new personages), Super Abilities on each piece, levels of strength, 9 leagues of player's total score named after chemical elements (metals), and some portion of unknown — you must be ready to meet any piece type(s) and any level used by your opponent! however, keep in mind that usage of Abilities in a game is very limited, and in most cases the strength of pieces is equalized by their number. Currently this is in DEEP alpha, and in start pack there will be 6 personages, 2 pawn-like and 4 substantive; and NO King between them.

I've thought & created chess variant with all pieces used in ChessBreakTimes, and though there's no King in the game, he exists in this variant. 


White: 2nd row — Pawn, Warrior, Warrior, Pawn, Pawn, Warrior, Warrior, Pawn; 1st row (from a1 to h1) — Rook, Knight, Silver, Magician, King, Silver, Knight, Rook.
Black has exactly mirrored setup, but pawn-likes are on 7th row, and substantive pieces on 8th.




It's not just an antipode of pawn, but even more. Maybe he is some kind of "freelancer" on the chessboard fighting in pawn-like lines. It moves 1 diagonally forward (can move 2 from start, no jump), but captures straight forward not only 1, but (if first is empty) 2 squares! By this, Warrior has some linear control and is stronger than Berolina Pawn (these two were invented independently).



It is Makruk (Thai Chess) piece, where it's nobleman called Khon which replaces classical Bishop; also it occurs in Shogi (Japanese Chess) with name Ginshō (Silver General), maybe because several games affected on Shogi… Anyway, it moves 1 square diagonally or straight forward. By this, it's not colorbound and ranging; also it's asymmetric (straight move is oriented to opponent).



He's the real examle of thought power which can be very useful for the kingdom. Grey crosses are trajectories and they are endless, but they can be blocked. Magician moves three or more squares diagonally or orthogonally (if they're free) & after this one square with 45° turn; he can stop only on the final square. By this, he has many directions, he is ranger, but he is very weak on short distance. 


Just standard;) checkmate the opponent's King. Stalemate, impossible mate (2 Kings & 1 Silver also cannot force mate), 50 moves without taking or promotion, and threefold repetition are draw.

Castling works as in Chess. En-passant also works as in Chess, Warriors are also able to take by this method, but only one square and only opponent's Warriors, however Pawns can take both Pawns and Warriors.

Price: Pawn = 1, Warrior = 2, Silver = 3, Knight = 3-4, Rook = 5, Magician (on 8x8) = 7.


There is also variation where every piece which goes to the last rank promotes to its unique form which represents super abilities used in ChBrTi.

ChessBreakTimes SuperChess 

Pawn starts moving and taking in all four directions (as Steward) and can move 3 spaces straight once per game. Warrior starts moving also in all four directions and can hop over piece on its moving's way once per game. Silver starts moving 2 squares instead of 1 in his normal directions + lame-knightwise narrow forward (Betza F2fW2fhnN). Knight therefore can once per game burn the 5x5 area around it & all foes which will start moving there cannot capture. Rook gains the ability to make rifle capture of 2 pieces in one direction once per game. And finally, Magician can once per game activate the spell to immobilize adjacent foe pieces. To compensate this, King can also step to the last rank and after this, once per game, he can teleport to any unoccupied and not threaten square.

If you are interested with ChessBreakTimes, check this link for watching for what it's worth and suggesting good ideas (•)(•)

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