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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Colour Chess

This is a variant that incorporates painting, that satisfies one of George Duke's challenges.


Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE Chess, except:

Pieces have their own special colours. Pawns have no colour, Rooks have red, Knights have green, Bishops have blue, Queens have pink, and Kings have no colour. Upon leaving a square, Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Queens paint the square their colour. Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Queens can additionally move as the corresponding piece to the colour of square that they are on, gaining no additional powers on a colourless square. Squares may be painted over more than once. In this case, the square takes on the colour of the last piece that left it.

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By John Smith.
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