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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.



Same as FIDE Chess.


All pieces except Kings and Wedges (Pawns) move without capturing as a Queen, and Wedges move without capturing as a Rook. Only other moves are given.

Wedge (Pawn) - Captures by moving orthogonally between two enemy pieces.

Hypnotist (Left Rook) - Can move any adjacent enemy piece, including capturing enemy pieces.

Eris (Right Rook) - Captures any enemy piece that is in the same file as the Eris and the same rank as the enemy King or vice versa.

Wrong Reaper (Knight) - Captures the first enemy piece opposite its direction of movement. This ability is relayed to any friendly piece behind it so long as there is at least one space behind every participating piece in the line.

Independent (Bishop) - Captures as any enemy piece that cannot currently capture it.

Widow (Queen) - Captures any enemy piece that moves directly away from its adjacency to the Widow.

King - Moves as FIDE King.


You lose if your King is captured.


I hope this game is more aggressive than Ultima. It is intended as an antipode to it, and its name is "Baroque" backwards. Piece values would also be useful if you could let me know.

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By John Smith.
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