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Pandemonium (Surajang修羅場). Capablanca chess + Crazyhouse.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-08-25 UTC

I am very skeptical as to whether this castle is any good. In games with drops attacking is usually easier than defending, so that defending is a losing strategy. The game is a 'race to mate', and if you don't make an effort to checkmate, you will surely lose that race. You put all the strongest pieces in that castle, so you have virtually zero attack power left.

In Shogi a castle typically contains pieces with low mobility, which cannot easily be used in attack (without dropping them): Lance, Knight and the generals. I can add that even then castling is a dubious proposal: super-human players such as Alpha Zero don't find any of the popular human castles (while in Chess it finds all popular human openings!).

If castling is useful at all, a good castle should not involve any strong pieces, and consist mainly of Pawns, Guards and Knights. And perhaps a Bishop if it can 'look outward' with useful aim.