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Feedback to the Chess Variant Pages - How to contactus. Including information on editors and associate authors of the website.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-04-22 UTC

Thanks for pointing that out. Apparently, no one checked the email for the past year, and Yahoo erased the inbox and made the account inactive. Using one of my verified email accounts, I got back into the account and changed the password. Editors who will make a commitment to checking this email account can ask me for the new password by email.

Ola Sassersson wrote on 2020-04-22 UTC

The Yahoo address doesn't work; anything sent to it bounces.

wdtr2 wrote on 2017-12-07 UTC

Super.  Fergus, thank you so much for adding the copper pieces to your symbolic set.  :)  Now I have to make the time to do the coding.  I'm looking forward to using the new copper pieces.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2017-12-06 UTC

To keep with the theme already established for my Symbolic Shogi pieces, I added some Copper General pieces using the alchemical symbol for copper. I don't think it is necessary to use color to distinguish Shogi pieces on opposite sides, and with this set, it could confuse things, because it already uses color to distinguish promoted pieces from unpromoted pieces.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2017-11-30 UTC

I didn't get the email. Try using the address found here: who/Editors.

wdtr2 wrote on 2017-11-19 UTC

I made a few changes to the symbolic set of shogi.  I added a copper general, and tweaked the "flip" so the base color is pink.  I feel it might be easier to a new player of shogi to identify enemy vs friends (pieces).  I made a zip file and sent it via email to webmaster at (I think).  Is this the correct way to get a new chess set added to chess variants?

8x8 wrote on 2016-08-06 UTC

Have you received my email submission for a variant? I use a Yahoo address, so I was thinking that it may have ended up in your spam folder.

229 wrote on 2016-07-18 UTC

I really need the rules to strato chess.  Please Help!

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2015-11-23 UTC
George, you can still edit and comment on your submissions before they are "unhidden" by an editor.  (From the menu under your name you can find a link to your unreviewed submissions, and anyone with the url can get to it.)  I haven't cleared that submission yet because (as I said in a comment there) it seems too much like your other Wizard of Oz variants, and I think it would be better suited as a comment on one of those games.

(I think you receive an email when someone comments on your game, correct?  Does that still go through if the game is still hidden?)

George Duke wrote on 2015-11-23 UTC
For Wizard of Oz Septimal Chess on 7x7, submitted November 12, there is addition to make

when it gets posted. That is, to show it as unique CV, there is paragraph describing specific position having

about ten possible moves off the Road (feature of the game) by one Knight.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2015-11-15 UTC
Hi Zied,

I have given your account Contributor status, so you should now be able to submit your game through the site's forms.

(We normally require that a person's first submission be sent through the general email contact; I've found your game through your Person Information page and so have foregone this requirement.)

Zied Haddad wrote on 2015-11-15 UTC
I'm unable to add my own chess variant (Musketeer Chess)

How can i proceed?

Best regards

Johnny Luken wrote on 2012-05-30 UTC
Thanks for your help Fergus.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-29 UTC
Johnny, I have deleted both of your accounts so that there will be no conflict when you try to register with your OpenID. For security purposes, there are now safeguards in place to prevent new members from using email addresses already used by other members. When you sign up with an OpenID, it will use the verified email address associated with your OpenID. That is why you cannot edit your email address when signing up with your Facebook account.

If you are no longer using the email address you used to sign up for Facebook, I would recommend first going to Facebook and changing the email address you use with Facebook. Go to Account Setting/Email on Facebook, then add another email address to your Facebook account. Facebook will send you an email to verify that the new email address is yours. Once the new email address shows up in your Facebook account, change it to your Primary Email. Then delete your old address. Once you have changed your address on Facebook, come back here and use your Facebook account to sign up here.

Lu Ken wrote on 2012-05-29 UTC
Also tried using my Facebook OpenID to get an account like you suggested. In the data on the right side of the right side of the registration screen, the email entry is fixed (a, different, older, email I used to register my facebook). However when I attempt to register I get the error message "The email address is already connected to another account." It is indeed connected to another account, the OpenID account its meant to be letting me register with!

Lu Ken wrote on 2012-05-29 UTC

Password is indeed in lower case. When I enter the temp password (the more recent johnnyluken account) I always receive the error message; "The temporary password you entered does not match the one you were emailed. Please go back and try again."

Its the same whether I paste or enter it in manually...

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-28 UTC
If you're having a problem entering the temp password, I would recommend copying and pasting it. It should be in lowercase already. So the problem I described earlier would not be the problem for you. But if you enter it by hand, you might enter an O where a 0 should be or an l where a 1 should be. Note that the temp password is a lowercase hexadecimal number consisting only of digits and the letters a through f.

fergusd wrote on 2012-05-28 UTC
There was a bug in the code for email registration. We used to use case insensitive passwords, but I changed the code to use case sensitive passwords. For the email registration script, the conversion was incomplete. It was still converting passwords to lowercase, which it should no longer do. So here is what might have happened. You chose a mixed case or upper case password, and when you entered it, it didn't accept it, because it had been converted into a lowercase password, and passwords are now case-sensitive.

If you check the email it sent you, you should find your password all in lowercase. Enter this as your password instead of what you originally gave as your password, and you should be able to log in. Checking the database, I see you already have two accounts with us: johnnyluken and jhildluke.

In case this does not work, there is also a script for changing your password.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-28 UTC

First, you failed the CAPTCHA on David's address. What you took to be a hyphen is an underscore. Second, you should contact me, not him, about this. Third, this is the same day you posted your message here, and I have still not had breakfast yet. FYI, all the active editors for this site are on Eastern Standard Time and were probably all asleep when you posted.

If something is not working for you, contact me with full details on what you are doing to sign up. I need to know which form on which page you are using to sign up with. Since you can sign in with your Facebook account, I recommend using the form on the right side of the login/login.php page while you are already signed into this site through Facebook.

Lu Ken wrote on 2012-05-28 UTCPoor ★
Have had a lot of difficulty with this site; tried to register as Johnny Luken, but my temp password was rejected as I was told the password was incorrectly entered, which on multiple occasions it wasn't.

Have emailed but to no response. On the tech support link, you're given an email to enter, which is meant to take you to a new link. Why don't you just give me a an actual address to contact like any normal website?! It appears to be, yet entering this does nothing, and when my email is bounced back to me when I attempt this address. Is this yet another glitch on your website?

I have to say I'm pretty unimpressed by how difficult you seem to make it for new people to register, or even contact people on this site, let alone submitting new content and contributing to it.

Seems to you are either being deliberately obscure to discourage new membership and input, and maintain a core "clique", or maybe you just don't know how to make a accessible user friendly website...

Thom Diment wrote on 2012-05-18 UTC
I have emailed a screenshot for you now.
Thanks, wOl.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-18 UTC
Can you provide a screenshot and more details? Since I have Windows XP, I cannot use IE9 and so cannot check this out for myself.

Thom Diment wrote on 2012-05-18 UTCBelowAverage ★★
Using IE9 I constantly get an extremely annoying hovering menu bar that sits in the top left of each page on the site and does not appear to be removable or minimisable. I believe that it is supposed to activate only when I hover over the CVP logo in the top left, but on many pages it is jsut permanent. This is fine on most pages, though irritating, but on this page it prevents me being able to read or select the top few menu items.
Thanks, wOl.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-04-18 UTC
Are you the boy's father? Your name matches his father's name.

sarowersingh bhati wrote on 2012-04-18 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Great contribution to chess:By a disabled  kid suffering from fatal disease:Awesome kid , who is pride of India , motivates world...World chess fraternity should appreciate his efforts

Youngest disabled in the world to get patent despite suffering from fatal disease by his invention of circular chess for 2,3,6 players
Covered by National/International media 
Imagine a kid of 9.5 years on wheel chair and suffering from deadly disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy ad he becomes the youngest patent holder in India and youngest disabled patent holder of world. He inspires and motivates everyone and gives a great message of motivation to achieve despite hardship. Indian media print / visual covered him at national level. To know more about him is very simple. Just type Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati on google search and 1800 articles/news/blogs/photos will be in front of you. His story should be known to every one as it motivates every one. He is a mile stone in the disabled world after Stephen hawkins and Wilma rudoph. Media of India quoted him as Wonder kid , Genius , Mini stephen hawkins. It all happened as he invented circular chess for 2,3,4,6 players and got patent in India. He has given a great message that even if disease can not be cured it can be defeated. His ideal person is stephen hawkins for two reasons. Firstly he says ":Great stephen hawkins has given rare achievement to world , despite hardship and secondly he aspire to become scientist. Salute the great kid and true wonderkid and mini stephen hawkins in true sense. Covering him in right spirit will be a great motivation and inspiration through out the world. You can also find his news/videos on my wall on facebook. My wall name: Sarower Singh Bhati . To contact me. Mobile number 9314509341/India. or landline is 0091/141/4030236. My address: Director Kings education Flat number 302, D-238 ,Shri gopalam apartment, bihari marg ,behind collectorate ,banipark Jaipur Rajasthan India

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