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Concise Guide to Chess Variants

A guide which attempts to briefly describe or define the various terms, phrases and names in common use relating to the subject of chess variants.

The guide comes in three forms:

  1. A web page.
  2. A dynamic web page for viewing the guide in various ways.
  3. A PDF (cv-guide.pdf) for printing a hard copy.
  4. An EPUB version (cv-guide-e.epub) for reading on an eBook (portable devices such as the Nook or iPad).
  5. A Kindle version ( for reading on an Amazon Kindle.

The guide also includes a chess variants table, which is a small sampling of chess variants which can be compared and contrasted.

Comma delimited files for the main guide (cv-guide.csv) and for the chess variants table (chessvariants.csv) are also available:

I have created a list of publications related to Chess History and Variants at: WorldCat list: Chess History and Variants.

I have also created an extension to Ralph Betza's Funny Notation: Betza Extended Notation.

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Author: David Howe.
Web page created: 2011-12-26. Web page last updated: 2011-12-26