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Person Information

Charles Gilman contributed to the Chess Variant Pages from 2003 to 2016. His variants fall into several overlapping groups, some combining ideas from two or more pre-exsting variants. His variants often have markers in their names indicating their character. These include Qi or English river names for variants with Xiang Qi Rivers, -gi for variants with Shogi promotion and reintroduction rules, and -schach for 3d variants on cube-shaped boards by analogy with Raumschach. It was interest in 3d Chess that led him to these pages, in search of the standard set of names for 3d pieces. Finding that there was not one, he set about suggesting one. This has since been expanded into names for colourbound and triangulating 2d oblique pieces (now gaining currency among other members) and much else. Charles Gilman lives in the Runnymede district in the English county of Surrey, which inspired Magna Carta Chess. His father grew up in England's East Midlands, a region that has produced such historic forms of British Chess as Duke of Rutland's, Welbeck Kriegspiel, and Lincoln Circular.

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