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DUAL RING Tournament Format

This format was developed as a way to handle an uneven number of players, that normal brackets and round-robing and Swiss formats don't handle.  The format handles anywhere from 3 to 100 (or more) equally well, but with greater time demands, the more players involved.  

This format is meant to be run electronically, or where there is a moderator who can set up board between both players, and reset clocks.

In short, a player plays two games at same time (one of each color), until they lose a game, and then they are eliminated.  Players play until two players are left, and then the player with most wins, wins the tournament.


Set up here refers to how players are assigned in a tournament.  

For example, in a 10 player FIDE Chess Tournament:
Player 1 plays black against player 10, and white against player 2.
Player 2 plays black against player 1, and white against player 3.
Player 3 plays black against player 2, and white against player 4.
Player 4 plays black against player 3, and white against player 5.
Player 5 plays black against player 4, and white against player 6.
Player 6 plays black against player 5, and white against player 7.
Player 7 plays black against player 6, and white against player 8.
Player 8 plays black against player 7, and white against player 9.
Player 9 plays black against player 8, and white against player 10.
Player 10 plays black against player 9, and white against player 1.

This format is fairly robust in how players are allocated.


Same as in whatever game is being played.


Play is as follows:
A player play until that player lose a game, and then that player are eliminated.  Once a player is eliminated the two players he was playing face off against each other.  For example, if player 3 was defeated by either player 2 or player 4, then player 2 will battle player 4, with player 2 playing black against player 4.  This elimination process continues until there are two remaining players, and the player with the most amount of wins is crowned winner.  In case of tie for wins, players play two games until they lose one game.  A player can lose by standard victory conditions or run out of time.

Players tying can be handled one of several ways.  One way is to have players replay the tie until there is a winner, or one of two players is eliminated by an opponent.  The other way to handle a tie is to have the tie eliminate both players.

When one player defeats another player, in a game not run over the computer, the player who just one notifies their opponent that there is a new game.  The player then pauses the clock on their other game, sets up the new game, and then continues with their other game.  If the player who just won is white, they would then make their move and start clock.  If they are black, they would set up game and start clock for their new game.

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