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Mega Doom Chess Project

Dear Friends:

As I said in "An Chess Variant Making Off", I was tempted to add more pieces...

You don't know how much!

Just an idea, I wanted to add: 8 two steps sliding generals (4 gold, 4 silver), 4 general canons (2 gold, 2 silver) and 4 general riders (2gold, 2 silver).

As you can see the variant would be larger.

Har Meggido Chess gave me a point of view on how would be The End of the Days, if I do believe in this (which I don’t). It wouldn’t be nations A to M vs. nations N to Z. It would be nations A/2 to Z/2 vs. nations A/2 to Z/2, a world wide civil war.

With this idea in mind I started to wonder: “How big would be a CV to represent the Final Battle”? As big as Taikoku Shogi? Bigger? Would it be playable? I guess it would be. Which pieces should be in the variant?

So, to start, I devised these three simple rules:

The only unique piece is the King, all other pieces must come in pairs (fours, if color bound);
If possible, all pieces should come in the orthogonal, diagonal and compound variation;
If possible, all pieces must come in all distances and formats.
After this, I think that the project should move in to these discussions:

0-	Three rules above;
1-	Pieces;
2-	Board size;
3-	Pieces array;
4-	Pawns;
5-	Rules.

Well, I guess it is it!

Who want to try this gargantuan variant?

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