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This page is written by the game's inventor, Albert Lee.

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Ben Reiniger wrote on 2021-06-27 UTC

Those look much nicer, thanks!

With multiple-royal games being so rare, a few more words about your game-end condition would be nice. In particular, it isn't really necessary to "checkmate" either of the pieces, as forking them is sufficient (if I've understood the reddit post of the game correctly).

In the equipment section, what was the purpose of the chess set? You'd need more pawns, and so I'd expect you'd rather just use the checkers pieces...?

The pawn "temporary promotions" are interesting. The penultimate row seems to suffer the most from having the dodecahedron's forwardmost moves cut off by the board. I imagine analyzing pawn moves becomes more difficult when each move also changes its abilities. I think it would be worth emphasizing that the additional powers are only for capture (right?).

Do you have any analysis of mating material?

The table layout for piece descriptions wasn't great on my mobile browser, so I've changed that. It's still not great, as the description text block will keep a few short words on the right and then break everything else to below the image, but I've run out of time to work on it right now.

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