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Based on records of finished games on Game Courier, the games listed here have been sorted and ranked based on how many times each has been played here. The number of games played links to the logs of the actual games. The name links to a page with one or more presets for playing the game. In some cases, this will include alternate sets or boards that make use of the same settings file. Since more games have been played on Game Courier than there are official pages for, not every game will be linked to a preset page. You will also find links to settings files you can select for playing the game. These are listed in order of popularity. Since the preset defining a game does not have to include a settings file, and because settings files just weren't used when the earliest presets were made, some games here do not have any. In the rare instance in which a game has no preset page and no settings file, you can still find a preset for it by going to one of the games actually played.

The URL can take the following arguments: sort=rank to sort by rank, sort=alpha to sort alphabetically, min=number to filter out games played fewer than the given number of times, max=number to filter out games ranking above the rank given by the number, and past=number to filter out games finished before the given number of seconds before the present. Default values are sort=rank&min=0&max=0&past=0. For max and past, zero values really mean infinity. When all numeric filters are zero, it will include never-played games to give a complete listing of all games available on Game Courier.

Note that you are going to find here presets with rule-enforcement and others without it, and sometimes both will be available for the same game. Most presets without rule-enforcement will clearly state that they lack it. In case it doesn't, you can tell for sure by clicking the Edit button in a game's menu page and checking whether the code for rule-enforcement is there.

1449Shogi default Japanese-PNG Japanese-CSS Motif-CSS Symbolic
2290Chess with Different Armies Unequal Armies default Knights-Colorbound Colorbound-Rookies Colorbound-Knights FIDE-Rookies Rookies-Colorbound Colorbound-FIDE FIDE-Colorbound Rookies-FIDE Knights-Rookies Rookies-Knights Nutty Knights FIDE-Knights Colorbound-Rookies_MOM Unequal_Armies_GS Knights-FIDE Colorbound Clobberers Remarkable Rookies Knights-FIDEss Colorbound-Knights_MOM FIDE-Knightss FIDE-Colorboundvv Knights-Colorboundv FIDE-Colorbounds Knights Knights-Men Knights-Rooksversion Colorbound-Knightsvv Knights-FIDEs Colorbound-Rookiess FIDE-Knightsss Colorbound-Knightsv Classic-Rooksversion1 NeglectedKnights
3229Chinese Chess GB-set fairychess
4203Symmetric Chess default rules
5197Chu Shogi chu
6183Chess JPG-Alfaerie default Chess3 fairychess PNG-Magnetic JPG-Alfaeriev CSS-Motif
7182Janggi default SWAP
8161Glinski's Hexagonal Chess default PNG-Magnetic-Earthtones PNG-Magnetic-Earthtonesvvv alf PNG-Alfaerie-nicelooking
9144Fischer Random Chess Abstract special Alfaerie Abstract2 FRC01 FRC02 special-sagi-carlos makov-sissa
10142Cetran Chess 2 asymmetric asym1tourney reversed_symmetric asymmetric to carlos-sagi5 cameron-jeremy cetran2 sagi-carlos3 Cetran2 Asymmetric mirror-symmetric
11118Ultima Galactic Galacticnocheck
12115Alice Chess default MagneticPieces alf
13108Eurasian Chess newrules Eurasian fairychess
14101Pocket Mutation Chess Alfaerie-fpd mageofmaple greg
1595McCooey's Hexagonal Chess default
1683Omega Chess Alfaerie Omega Chess
1780Rococo Alfaerie
1877Grand Chess Abstract fairychess
1973Circular Chess default JPG-Motif 2
2071Shatranj Alfaerie-CSS
2167Sac Chess default Default-Alternate Default-Standard Default-Abstract abstract
2266Modern Shatranj carrillo carrillo2 Modern_Shatranj
2365Universal Chess Alfaeries asymmetric Alfaeries-asymmetric Alfaerie reversed-symmetric73 reversed-symmetric24 JM-CC Alfaerie40std
2464Gross Chess default fairychess
2464Shako Cazaux standard newcazaux
2662Opulent Chess Alfaerie AlfaerieNew NoRules
2760Latrunculi XXI Set2 Set9 Set1 Set8 Set4 Set3 Set7
2857Makruk (Thai chess) Alfaerie2r Alfaerie Alfaerie3 Alfaerie2 Alfaerie4
2857Falcon Chess Alfaerie
3055Caïssa Britannia default
3154Petteia XXI Set7 Set2 Set1 Set9 Set4 Set6 Set8 Set3
3251Kamikaze Mortal Shogi Symbolic Japanese-CSS Japanese-PNG
3350Crazyhouse Galactic
3449Capablanca Chess default capa final capa defaultvvv
3547Maorider Chess default Maorider Chess Checkered
3645Euchess Euchess default
3741Colossus Quad rules
3940Apothecary Chess-Modern ApothecaryChess-Modern Apothecary_Chess-Modern
4039Pocket Shogi Copper default
4039Wildebeest Chess default Wildebeest Chess Wildebeest Chess with rules Wildebeest
4039shako_balbo default standard
4338Catapults of Troy
4338Anti-King Chess II Alfaerie
4338Dimension X Dimension X
4637Berolina Chess Chess3 Alfaerie
4637Maxima Galactic
4836Moderate Progressive Chess default Silver-Gifford
4836Shatranji default
4836Glinski's Hexagonal Chess (Symmetric) Default
5135Different Pawns Random Chess default
5233Great Shatranj Great Shatranj D Great Shatranj R
5233Chess 9x9 default reinforced Default special
5432Apothecary Chess-Classic ApothecaryChess-Classic Apothecary_Chess-Classic
5432Seirawan Chess Seirawan Chess seirawan(big) seirawan2(big)
5631Expanded Chess expanded-test expanded jump-and-castle expanded-no-castling default arx-sissa king-jumping
5730Courier Chess AlfaerieCourier Alfaerie def
5828Hostage Chess Corrected Magnetic
5828Minishogi default Minishogi
5828Tenjiku Shogi default tenjiku
6127Grand Cavalier Chess default
6127Metamachy default metamachy test2 test
6127Embassy Chess default
6127Tripunch Chess AlfaerieMany
6526Unicorn Great Chess default
6526Storm the Ivory Tower version2
6526Cardinal Chess default Default
6825Bear Chess default
6825Smess Smess
6825Schoolbook Chess default
6825Wormhole Chess default
6825Cylindrical Chess Alfaerie default
7324Victorian Chess Magnetic
7324Hannibal Chess default RegularCastling default-v2
7324Mini Hexchess default
7623Grand Shatranj Grand Shatranj D Grand Shatranj R
7623Falcon Chess RFNB Alfaerie
7822Frog Chess default RegularCastling
7822Ajax Orthodox Chess Alfaerie1 Alfaeire
78222 Queen Rocky Horror Lycanthropic Chess defaultx symmetric snails
7822Switching Chess
8321Xiang Hex default Western variant
8321Mamra Chess with Wuss defaultx
8321Lions and Unicorns Chess LandUChess standard
8321Modern Carrera's Chess default
8321Cavalier Chess Motif
8820Go go go9 go13
8820Judkin's Shogi default Judkin
8820HyperModern Shatranj rules HMS1
9119Tamerlane Chess Tamerlane Chess Tamerlane ChessI
9119Janus Chess JanusChess default JanusChessRev
9119Football Chess default
9119TenCubed Chess Alfaerie TenCubed Chess Abstract
9518Rococo with Pushme-Pullyus Alfaerie
9518Hanga Roa
9518Wildebeest Chess Decimal wildebeest10x10
9518Clockwork Orange Chess Abstract-Magnetic
9518Miniature Chess
9518Heavy Gravity Chess default grav defaultvvv
1011710-directional Chess default 10DChess
10117Avalanche Chess
10117Balanced Marseillais Chess' Abstract default
10117Chieftain Chess Chieftain Chess 1.0 Auto default
10117Hex Shogi 91 default
10117Chaturanga v myChaturanga
10716Coherent Chess Coherent-1 Coherent1
10716Shatranj of Troy Symbolic
10716Backlash ver1
10716Renniassance Chess Renniassance Chess default
11115Extra Move Chess default Abstract
11115Double Chess Alfaerie Gregs
11115Tutti-Frutti Chess Tuttifruttitimetravel
11115Butterfly Chess default
11115Cetran Chess 1 asymmetric asymmetric by carlos-sagi4 carlos-sagi1 carlos-sagi2
11115Apothecary Chess 1 Apothecary1 Default default
11115Hexajedrez Wide Wide2
11115Mamra Chess
11914Great Chess Abstract
11914Brouhaha standard ver1
11914Centennial Chess
11914Fugue Alfaerie melons
11914Musketeer Chess Chess3
11914Neutral-King Chess
11914Time Travel Chess
11914Single Stone Latrunculi XXI Set1 Set5 Set4 Set3 Set9 Set2
11914Mir Chess 32 rule-enforcing Alfaerie 2
12913Cetran Chess 3 Alfaerie
12913Korean Random Chess set3ba set4 set4ba set1 set1a set2a set2 set3
12913dimension+x Dimension X
12913Cataclysm Cataclysm Standard Alternate
12913Chaturanga - Davidson Variation Alfaerie
12913Bungalow Shatranj second default 2D Checkered defaultx third
13512Cetina Random Chess mirror_symmetric asymmetric CETRAN
13512Canoness Chess default
13512Viking Chess Alfaerie
13512Chess on a Longer Board with a few pieces added Alfaerie Alfaerie1
13512Yáng Qí yankee-style
13512Extinction Chess Abstract Alfaerie
13512Modern Chess Alfaerie Modern Chess
13512Courier Spiel Courier Spiel
13512Gigachess Gigachess Gigachess_Alfaerie
13512Apothecary Chess 2 Apothecary2 Default default
13512Marseillais Chess Abstract
13512Cannons of Chesstonia Cannons of Chesstonia
13512007 Chess - Detente Version default
13512Maasai Chess Default-Alternate Default-v4 Default-v5
13512Panoply default
15011Mimic Chess Mimic Chess
15011Atlantean Barroom Shatranj Atlantean Barroom Shatranj
15011Alekhine Chess AlekhineChessTimeTravel default
15011Jetan CheckeredCazaux
15011Pemba Default-v1 Default-v0
15011Grande Acedrex rules-enforcing Grande Acedrex
15011Grasshopper Chess Alfaerie
15011UC-170-13 Mirror Asymmetric
15011Ajax Chess Main-Setup Alfaerie MainSetup
15011Modern Random Chess MRC Modern Random Chess
15011Voidrider Chess Abstract
16110Monkey King Chess
16110Rose Chess XII Rose Chess XII
16110Raumschach Raumschach Raumschach Revised
16110Hole Chess
16110UC-170-17 asymmetrical asymmetric new-asymmetrical
16110Silver Elephant Chess MainSetup KoreanSetup
1679Lemurian Shatranj Lemurian1
1679Hiashatar Alfaerie
1679Royal Pawn Chess default royalpawn
1679Cobra Chess Cobra Chess
1679Elven Chess judgmentality
1679Hectochess alfaerie abstract
1679Al-Ces alces_alfaerie
1679Torus Chess TorusChess
1679Philosopher's Chess default
1679Perfect Chess Perfect Chess
1679Wild Kingdom Chess Wild Kingdom Chess
1679Knightmate JPG-km
1679FIDE vs. Man default defaultvvv defaultvv
1818Congo default
1818Deluxe Chess Deluxe Chess
1818Maohopper Chess default cetina variant
1818Mir Chess 36 rule-enforcing
1818Smaller Alice Chess Smaller Alice Chess
1818Grand Betza grandbetza rules greg standard
1818Chessgi Magnetic Galactic
1818Grotesque Chess grotesque
1818Pillage VaoCannons cetina-spengler spengler-cetina
1818Odin's Rune Chess odins_rune_chess odin-runes
1818Capablanca Random Chess Magnetic
1818Opulent Lemurian Shatranj Opulent Lemurian Shatranj
1818Chinese Army vs Tamerlane Army default02 default
1818Try this... Why not? default
1818Grand Rider Chess Grand Rider Chess
1818Pawnless vs. Pawnful FIDE default
1818Prime Ministers Chess PMC PMC4 PMC2
1818Golden Age Chess on a Really Big Board default GACORBB
1818Chess with Promoters
1818heavy+gravity+chess default grav defaultvvv
1818Zanzibar-S Default-Alternate
1818Royal Magician's Chess Royal Magicians Chess
1818Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Vitya Variant
1818Chu Shogi Alfaerie Style default
2077Jacks and Witches
2077Wreckage wreckage
2077Jester Chess default defaultvv
2077Modern Shatranj D GSAlf
2077Wild Kingdom Wild Kingdom
2077Secutor Chess Secutor_Chess
2077Waffle Chess RegularCastling default
2077Tim's 3D Chess default enforcing
2077Racing Kings default
2077Modern Chinese Chess def def02
2077En Passant Chess of Ingo Althofer En Passant Chess of Ingo Althofer
2077Tamerlane II Tamerlane II
2077Amazon Grand Chess
2077Samarcanda CourierChess
2077Relativistic Chess default
2077Pocket Shogi Plus default
2077BiKings default
2077General Chess default-enforced
2077Almost Chess default
2077Templar Chess Alfaerie-PNG Templar Chess
2077Dead Ringers Chess II default
2077Cheskers Cheskers
2077Amazon Chess default
2077Brotherhood Chess Alfaerie
2077Duke of Rutland's Chess DukesChess duke_of_rutland_chess
2077Xhess default Alfaerie_Many
2077FIDE vs. Nightrider Army default Default
2077Epic Chess epic
2356Pretentious Chess default Pretentious Chess
2356Chess on a Really Big Board CoaRBB melons
2356Three Elephant Chess Three Elephant Chess
2356Wildest Kingdom Chess Playtest WKC3
2356Wildebeest Decimal Chess wildebeest10x10
2356Ajax Falcon Chess Alfaerie1 Alfaerie2 Alfaerie4
2356Chess with Terrain cwt1
2356Tiger Chess tiger wild-queen
2356Alpaca Chess alpaca_chess
2356Imperial Chess
2356Wildebeast9 default
2356Chess with Different Armies: DemiRifle Army default
2356Camel Shatranj default
2356Chess on a 12 by 12 board Chess on a 12 by 12 board
2356Shatranj Kamil (64) default abstract alfaerie Facing Piece Set
2356Pseudo-Modern Random Chess P-MRC
2356Amoeba default
2356Disintegration Chess DC
2356Pawn Eaters JPG-Alfaerie
2356Petteia - Dmytro Variation Set8r4 Set8r Set8r2
2356Modern Courier Chess default
2356Giant Chess Giant Chess
2356Camel Chess def
2356Birds and Ninjas Birds and Ninjas Leaping Ninjas alternative
2356CC vs MM default default1
2356Modern Capablanca Random Chess Magnetic MCRC2
2356Rolling Kings
2356Chinese+Chess GB-set
2356Chigorin Chess default knvar
2356Terachess II Default-Alternate
2356wuss default
2356Armenian Checkers Default
2356Wide Nightrider Chess default
2356Grand Apothecary Chess 3 Applet Default
2356cetran+chess+2 asym1tourney
2356Sky oldsetup Sky
2356Troitzky Chess jelliss byway
2356Grand Apothecary Chess 2 Applet Default
2356Grand Apothecary Chess 1 Applet Default
2356Los Alamos Chess
2356Wuss II default
2356Glinski\'s Hexagonal Chess
2356Jungles and Mountains Chess JPG-juxta
2356Takeover Chess in 64 Squares Alfaerie
2356Dead Ringers Chess default
2356FrogsAndPrincess default random
2356Symmetric+Chess default
2356Mortal Chessgi Galactic
2356King to Bunker Leap King to Bunker Leap Asymmetric
2356Fusion Chess fairychess
2865Knight Court Chess Knight Court Chess
2865Xorix Shogi default
2865Mastodon Chess mastodonchess2 mastodonchess1
2865Wild Kingdom Test Wild Kingdom Test
2865Yangsi abstract blackabstract whiteabstract
2865Cetran Chess 4 Alfaerie
2865Univers Chess default
2865UC-40 asymmetric mirror-symmetric
2865Ajax Bigamous Chess Alfaerie2 Alfaerie default
2865Shatar Shatar
2865Circular Tamerlane Chess 1
2865Separate default
2865Nuclear Chess
2865Lion's Chess LionsChess Decimal
2865Grand Chess 2
2865Venomous venomous
2865Jumping Chess
2865Gigachess II Default-v2 Default-Alternate Default-v3
2865Symmetric Sissa Symmetric Sissa Symmetric Sissa 9x8
2865Squeen Chess squeen
2865Spartan Chess Spartan Chess 1
2865Seenschach Seenschach ferment
2865Colorbound Clobberers vs. Remarkable Rookies
2865Midevil Chess Midevil Chess
2865Falcon Chess Decimal II default
2865Eurasian+Chess newrules Eurasian
2865Millenium 3D Chess (TM) Alfaerie
2865Mini Courier Chess Moderno MainSetup GiffordSetup MainSetup2 MainSetup4
2865Triumvirate Chess
2865Capablanca's Chess early 10 x 8 default defaultvvv
2865Diagonal default
2865Courier Chess Moderno MainSetup Alfaerie
2865Modern Acedrex modern_acedrex
2865Aberg variation of Capablanca Chess
2865Cagliostro's Chess Cagliostros Chess
2865Chesimals I CI
2865Crazy 38's default
2865Elite Chess Elite Chess
2865Hexes Chess
2865Elephant Chess elephantchessC1
2865GraTiA basic
2865Gustav III's Chess gustavIIIchess1
2865Fantastic XIII Default-Alternate
2865Janus Kamil Chess standard
3324Squirrel Chess defaultx default
3324Maces and Horse-apults alf
3324Mortal Shogi Symbolic
3324Balbos Chess 2 default
3324Asylum Redux Asylum 2
3324Circular Capa Chess default
3324Brand X Random Chess Abstract
3324CaM: A Tale of Two Countries 1 CaM Board 1.02
3324Maidens Chess maidens
3324Cleopatra Chess Cleopatra Chess
3324Pawnless Ecumenical Chess default
3324Modern Shatranj R GSAlf GSAlfvvv
3324Makruk+(Thai+chess) Alfaerie Alfaerie2r
3324Mosaic Chess mosaic2 mosaic
3324Chess with Different Armies: Pizza Kings default
3324Little Trio B jgversion
3324Desert Pub Chess DPC2 1
3324Gast Chess
3324Nachtmahr default
3324007 Chess default
3324Leandros Chess
3324Star Pool Chess
3324Pillars of Medusa with Gifford Graphics
3324Double Chess (Hayward) double_chess_hayward
3324Chess8400 Main
3324Duel Chess
3324Wildeurasian Qi
3324Scorpion Chess Scorpionchess1
3324Griffon Chess 1
3324Dada default crazy
3324Chesscala (no codes) Chesscala
3324Falcon Chess 100 Falcon Chess 100
3324Grand Tamerlane Chess grandtamerlane
3324Amalgamated Chess Amalgamated Chess Amalgamated Chess
3324Ajax Random Chess Alfaeire
3324Mideast Chess default
3324Shatranj Darwinian ShatranjD
3324Rococo with Mirror Arrays Alfaerie
33244 Armies default
3324Chess 7x7 ver2 default
3324CwDA: the Shatranjian Shooters CwDA_SS1
3324Czech Chess default
3324Futashikana Shogi default alfaerie
3324Hullabaloo default
3324Hubbub ver1 standard
3324Shosu Shogi default
3324The Travelers The Travelers
332421st Century Chess 21st Century Chess
3324Bland Chess JPG-Alfaerie
3324chess+with+different+armies Rookies-Knights Rookies-Colorbound Knights-Rookies Colorbound-Rookies_MOM
3324Episcopal Chess default
3324ArchCourier Chess ArchCourier
3324Quintessential Quadrupeds
3324Warlord: Civil War Warlord 2.3
3324mini-Chieftain X mCC_X
33244-Handed Chatarunga 4-handed chat 1.00
3324Heroes Hexagonal Chess version 2 heroes3 heroes4
3324Connected Chess default
3324Shako_Balbo_mod_1 default
33242x2 Battle of Civilizations Chess def cetina 2
3324microChieftain microCC
3324Two Pipe Chess
3324Rotation Chess default
3324Modern Chaturanga Alfaerie Alfaerie2
3324Heroes Hexagonal Chess
3324Teramachy Default-Alternate
3324Chess-B Chess-B chess-b1
3324OverKnight Chess
3324Test12x12-01 Default-Alternate Default-v2 Default-v3 Default-v4
3324Bachelor Chess
3324Heavy Chess standard Default-Alternate
3324Simple Ecumenical Chess default
3324Capablanca Shatranj default
3324Insane Ninja Chess Insane Ninja Chess Insane Ninja Chess 2
3324Wuss IV default
3324Knightmare Chess JPG-Alfaerie Knightmare
4123Cannons and Crabs default
4123The War of World`s Warriors Chess WESS ewIII
4123Hia Chess Alfaerie
4123Cool Camels vs Fabulous Fides def02 def01
4123Anti-King Chess
4123Raumschach with Rules Enforced RaumschachWRules
4123Corridor Chess Alfaerie default
4123Romanchenko's Chess RomanchenkosChess
4123One Way Chess default Wood-Alfaerie
4123FIDE Chess Kamil Alfaerie
4123sac+chess default
4123ZigZag Madness zigzag
4123Gilded Grand Shatranj Gilded Grand Shatranj
4123Modern English Random Chess Alfaerie
4123Hammer Chess default
4123TreeLeaders Chess TreeLeaders
4123Fugue Rococo with Edgehogs C default
4123Save the Standard 13x13 ManyRedGold13
4123Oblong Chess 44
4123Fugue Rococo with Edgehogs default
4123Undecided Chess default Undecided Chess
4123Flying Kittens Chess Flying Kittens Chess Number Two CylindricalWraparound
4123Separate 2 default
41234 Kings Quasi-Shatranj default
4123Walkers and Jumpers default
4123single+stone+latrunculi+xxi Set1
4123Sissa Default
4123Ninja Chess greg default
4123Sissa Chess short Sissa
4123Heraldic Extinction Chess default
4123Brigadier Chess brigadierchess1
4123Ajax Xiangqi Cambaluc
4123Grosses Schach 10x10 Englisch_rules_1 Englisch_rules
4123Contemporary Random Chess CRC
4123Arch Chess Arch Chess
4123Swapmate Chess default
4123A Z Chess AZChessGrandChess2
4123Sosarian Chess SosarianChess Sosarian
4123Superchief Superchief Chess 1.0
4123Rococo with Archers I Alfaerie
4123Assimilation Chess
4123ExCoCo Chess ExCoCo Chess
4123Accelerated Chess default
4123Outback Chess
4123International Contemporary Random Chess Alfaerie
4123Arch-General Chess default-enforced
4123Prisoner's Escape default
4123Ancient world war Ancient world war Ancient Civilization II
4123Camels vs Cannons def
4123Overlord Overlord Chess 1.0
4123Wildest Kingdom Chess - Tester WKC3
4123Cheshire Cat Chess 10x10 cheshire10
4123Chess on the Rainbows Chess on the Rainbows
4123Prison Break Prison Break
4123Medieval Chess Medieval Chess
4123Mad Chess
4123Chess vs checkers Chess vs checkers
4123Magicpawns Chess magicpawnchess2
4123Peasant Revolt
4123Mesmer Chess Mesmer Chess
4123Midgard Chess Midgard Chess
4123Grand Combination Courier default
4123Anemic Chess anemic
4123Center of Attention default
4123Latrunculi+XXI Set2 Set1
4123Mighty-Lion Chess judgmentality
4123Zanzibar-XL Default-Alternate Default-v02
4123123456 Chess 123456Chess
4123Losing Chess
4123Nahbi Chess NahbiChess
4123Hour Glass Chess default
4123Balbo's Chess balboa
4123Centaur Chess default Centaur Blue-Motif
4123Wuss V default
4123Pocket Polypiece Chess
4123Wuss UU default
4123Wuss OO default
4123Hadean Chess Hadean
4123cannons+of+chesstonia Cannons of Chesstonia
4123CwDA : FF v SS experiment
4123Phoenix Chess phoenixchess
4123Cheskers-2020 def
4123Gess Gess
4123Octopus Chess main
4123JGG-WS-Chess default
4123Shanghai Palace Chess Shanghai-2 shanghai
4123Black Hole Chess BlackHoleChess
4123Perfect 12 Perfect 12
4123Fool's Hexagonal Chess FoolsHCPreSet01
4123Pompeii Chess Pompeii Chess
4123Atlantean Coffee House Shatranj default ACHS02
4123Knight-Relay Chess default
4123three+elephant+chess Three Elephant Chess
4123Ganymede Chess Ganymede Chess
4123Large Nahbi Chess LargeNahbiChess
4123Turkish Checkers Default Turkish checkers
5112Colorbound Clobberers vs. Nutty Knights
5112Turkish Great Chess Variation II
5112Archabbott Chess Archabbott Chess
5112Moldavian Chess 1
5112Royal Knight Relay Chess default
5112Carnage Carnage
5112Reinforcement Ecumenical Chess default
5112Queens or Castles ? QueensCasltes
5112fischer+random+chess Abstract
5112Polymorph Chess
5112Rooks vs. FIDE default
5112FIDE Chess with Extra Bishops Alfaerie
5112Kinglet standard
5112Saboto Test sabotot
5112Noble Wings Chess Noble Wings Chess
5112Wide Chess default
5112Cylindrical Cinders Versus Fabulous FIDES CylindricalCindersvsFabulousFides
5112Open Chess normal Normal
5112Optimized Chess 8H x 10W - Mirror I Optimized Chess
5112Cylindrical Cinders vs. Meticulous Mashers default
5112Dynamo Chess default
5112Tiled Squares Chess
5112Flying Kittens and Fabulous FIDES FKFF
5112Dabbabante Chess default
5112Flying Bombers Chess Flying Bombers Chess
5112One More Thing Chess onemorethingchess
5112CWDA new default
5112Queens+or+Castles+? QueensCasltes
5112Airplane Chess default
5112Dromedary Chess dromedarychess1
5112Hex Shogi 81 default updated
5112Positional 3-D Chess 8x8x2
5112Nutty Knights vs. Remarkable Rookies
5112Mad Queen Shogi Galactic
5112Delta88 Chess D99hlbPreSet01 default
5112Directed Alice Chess III DirAl3
5112Wizard's War
5112Diamond Chess default
5112Sanctuary Chess
5112Descent Chess Descentchess2
5112Falcon Chess ES - Knights on Edges default
5112Rhino and Camel Chess
5112Rennchess 12x12 default
5112Ferzes vs. Wazirs default
5112Very Heavy Chess Default-Alternate
5112Vegas Fun Chess
5112Mainzer Schach mainzer
5112Petteia+XXI Set3 Set7
5112Falcon Chess ES default
5112Thunder Chess
5112Modern Ministers Courier Chess MainSetup2 MainSetup
5112Warp Point Chess
5112Chess on Two Boards C02B C02B_W
5112Courier Chess Modified Courier Chess Modified
5112Paloma Chess
5112doppelganger+chess JPG-Alfaerie
5112Rooks Chess Rooks Chess
5112Quinquereme Chess
5112English Random Chess Alfaerie
5112Doppelganger Chess JPG-Alfaerie
5112Pairwise Drop Chess default
5112Rococo with Guards RococowithGuards Rococo with Guards
5112Dragon Chess abstract Alfaerie1
5112Rococo with Birds II Alfaerie
5112Diagonal Devils vs Mighty Men second
5112Camelrider Chess camelriderchess2
5112pocket+mutation+chess Alfaerie-fpd
5112Chess 68 default
5112FF vs Complicate Sliders (Falcon Army) 1
5112Fabulous FIDEs vs. Remarkable Rookies standard
5112Warlord: Lakes Warlord 2.511
5112Fluffy Flying Kittens Chess FluffyKittens
5112Imposter Chess
5112Asymmetric Chess GS_Humans_Elves
5112multimove+fide+chess default
5112Multimove FIDE Chess default
5112Napoleonic Chess Normal
5112Chess with Different Armies: DemiRifle Army vs. FIDE default
5112UC-73 asymmetric
5112New Age Chess default
5112Chasm Chess
5112UC-24 asymmetric
5112Chess on a Larger Board with not so few Pieces Dropped
5112Chess with Different Armies: Fabulous FIDEs vs. Avian Airforce II default defaultvvv
5112Azchess-Central symmetry Azchess Central
5112Avian Airforce II vs. Fabulous FIDES default defaultvvvv
5112Full house hexagonal chess default
5112korean+chess default
5112Trophy-Hunt Chess
5112Tripunch+Chess AlfaerieMany
5112Tripremonitory Chess Tripremonitory Chess
5112Javelin Chess default
5112Arch-Chancellor Chess
5112Warlord: Battle Line Warlord 2.2
5112Blackjack Chess default
5112Queen of the Night Chess long default
5112The Demon Game The Demon Game demongame
5112Raptor Chess Raptor Chess
5112Nine-Queen Chess
5112The Black Ghost with Black Ghost on e6 TheblackGhost
5112Blue Chip Chess Blue Chip Chess
5112Annular Chess default
5112Monadchess Monadchess Monadchesss
5112Koval's Hexagonal Chess Wide
5112Wives Vs. Guards Wives Versus Guards
5112Cavalry Chess default
5112mini-Chieftain mCC1
5112Mini+Courier+Chess+Moderno MainSetup2 MainSetup4
5112Hexcetran Chess Wide
5112Holy Grail knights
5112Nadvorney's Spherical Chess default
5112Chancellor Chess Chancellor Chess ChancellorChess
5112Ibu Ibu Chess Ibu Ibu Chess IbuIbuWarpPoint
5112Joe Joyce Hyperchess Joe Joyce Hyperchess
5112Chaos default
5112McCooey\'s Hexagonal Chess
5112Kings 10x8
5112King's Guard Chess KGCPreSet01
5112Chaturanga Army vs Midnight Army default
5112New Chancellor Chess NewChancellorChess Magnetic
5112Bowl of Milk Chess BowlofMilk
5112Maorider+Chess default Maorider Chess
5112Wilder Kingdom Chess Wilder Kingdom Chess
5112wildebeest+chess default
5112Little River Chess LittleRiver
5112Canyon Chess canyon
5112Chesimals II CII
5112Wide Tiger Chess widetiger experimental
5112Macrochess Macrochess
5112Maces, Shields, and Horse-apults alf
5112Brotherhood Extinction Chess default
5112Mastodon Chess (8x10) Mastodonchessb4 Mastodonchessb1
5112LoR default
5112Viking Chess on 108 squares
5112Victims' Chess JPG-Alfaerie default
5112Remote Sensing Remote Sensing
5112International Checkers Intl
5112HiveQueen HQ1a HQ2
5112Citadel chess - Shatranj al-husun Citadel chess - Shatranj al-husun
5112Squirrels and Camels Squirrels and Camels
5112Stealth Ninja Chess Stealth Ninja Chess MainBoard
5112Grand Erzya Chess grand_erzya
5112Grand Dice Chess grand_dice
5112Super Knights Grand Chess default
5112Grand Chieftain Grand Chieftain
5112Archbishop Chess Archbishop Chess
5112Ancient Civilization default
5112Grand Betza Strong grandbetzastrong
5112Essedar Chess Essedar_Chess
5112Energizer Chess default optialternate
5112Gothic Checkers Default
5112Citadel chess modern
5112Third runner Third runner
5112Thronschach default
5112Steward Chess default
5112Tiling Rider Chess default
5112Titan Chess Titan Chess
5112Torus Standard TorusStandard
5112Toulousain Chess Toulousain Chess
5112Shosu_Shogi_Alf default
51126ess default
5112Sho Shogi Japanese-CSS
51125hess default
5112Fuedal Chess Fuedal chess
5112Unicorn Chess default
5112Clockwork Orange Chinese Chess def
5112clockwork+orange+chess Abstract-Magnetic
5112Four-Handed Chess Four Handed Chess
5112Warlord Warlord 1.0
5112Grand Paulovits grandpaulovits
5112Monsters' Holiday judgmentality
5112Grand Shatranj N W Grand Shatranj N W
5112Royal CannonChess royalcannonchess2
5112Falcon Chess RNFB Alfaerie
5112Shatranj Kamil X default alfaerie
5112Chieftain Chess II CC3
5112Asylum Chess Asylum 2 default
5112Chigorin FIDE vs. Nightrider Army default
5112Tafl Tablut
5112alice+chess MagneticPieces
5112Symmetric Hexagonal Chess Default McCooey style
5112Templar Extinction Chess default
5112Ajax Citadel Chess Alfaerie
5112Granlem Shatranj Granlem1
5112Tablut Tablut
5112Roswell Chess default
5112Building Chess Building Chess losalamos
5112Grand Tamerlane grandtamerlane
5112Rose Chess default
5112Grand+Chess Abstract
5112Extrapawn Chess extrapawn_chess
7101Near Chess NC1
7101Courier Chess Mod 1 CourierChess
7101Chaturanga - Four Kings - Double Mate default
7101Chess5 default
7101Chesscala Chesscala
7101Napoleonic+Chess Normal
7101Classical Chess norules
7101Mutatis Mutandis default
7101chess+68 default
7101Naval Base NBC1
7101CwDA%3AFFvsSS FFvsSS1
7101Chancellor Chess II NewChancellorChess2
7101Colorbound Clobberers vs. Colorbound Clobberers
7101Coherent Chess 2 default
7101Colorbound Clobberers vs Diagonal Devils def01
7101Chesimal Fusion I nk CFInewkings
7101Clash of Civilizations with Leos Clash of Civilizations
7101Chess with Different Armies: Seeping Switchers vs. Pizza Kings judgmentality
7101Modern+Makruk Normal
7101Courier Chess-Spiel Courier Chess-Spiel
7101Cunning Cupids vs. Fabulous FIDEs default
7101Cunning Cupids vs. Fabulous FIDEs C default
7101Chess with Different Armies: Fighting Fizzies vs. Nightrider Army default
7101Chess with Different Armies: Avian Airforce default
7101Chess with Different Armies: Amazon Army default
7101Continuing a game default
7101Chess with Different Armies: Seeping Switchers default
7101Chess Latrunculi duo milia et septum default
7101Cheshire Cat Chess cheshire
7101Circular+Chess default
7101Cunning Cupids vs. Fabulous FIDEs D default
7101Conservative Progressive Chess default
7101Chigorin Nightrider vs. Chigorin Nightrider Army default
7101Courier Chess Mod 2 CourierChess
7101Citadel+chess+-+Shatranj+al-husun Citadel chess - Shatranj al-husun
7101Cunning Cupids vs. Fabulous FIDEs E default
7101Colorbound Clobberers vs. Fabulous FIDEs Standard
7101Cupid Chess Army vs. FIDE default
7101CwDA : FF v MM experiment
7101Chess on the Dot default
7101ccchess Clash of civilization
7101CwDA:FFvsSS FFvsSS1
7101Hyperchess default
7101King's Court Kings Court
7101KarmaChess default
7101kamikaze+mortal+shogi Japanese-CSS
7101Juxtaposition+Chess JPG-juxta
7101Jungles+and+Mountains+Chess JPG-juxta
7101JGG-Chess default
7101JG Default
7101Janus+Chess default
710165 Square Chess default
7101Jacks and Witches II
7101International Fischer Random Chess Alfaerie
7101Ibu Ibu Alice Alice Chess Ibu Ibu Alice Alice Chess
7101I-Chess standard
7101HyperModern+Shatranj HMS1
7101House of Ten Mirrors Chess Of Mirrors
7101Knight Chess 1
7101hostage+chess Magnetic
7101Hostage Shatranj hostage_shatranj
7101Holywar default
7101Hidden Wives Vs. Guards Wives Versus Guards
7101Hidden Amazons Chess 2 Ranking2
7101Hextuple GOmove HextupleGOmove1
7101Hexcetran Default
7101Henry VIII Chess NC1
7101Modern Acedrex v2 modern_acedrex_v2
7101Zip Chess default
7101Harun Al-Rashid Shatranj default
7101Half Portuguese and Very Scottish Chess Grey-Gifford
7101gross+chess default
7101King's Reincarnation II - Altered States JPG-GPOM
7101Knight Pawn Toroidal Chess Knightpawntoroidal
7101Great Shatranj Test default
7101Master Squares Colors Experiment 11 x 11
7101Minixiang Minixiang
7101Minichess N-A
7101Mini-POM (Mini Pillars of Medusa) Mini-POM
7101Mimotaur Chess with PushmePullyus default
7101Miller's Spherical Chess default
7101Millenium 3D Chess Alfaerie
71013D Chess War default
7101MiTaWi MiTaWi
7101Meticulous Mashers default
7101Metapontum: Plato Variant (setup 1) Metapontum: Plato Variant (setup 1)
7101Metapontum: Plato Variant Metapontum: Plato Variant (setup 2)
7101Mitsugumi Shogi default
7101Mattexperiment 1f Mattexperiment 1f
7101mastodon+chess mastodonchess2
7101Marseilles Walkers and Jumpers default
7101Knight Pawns Chess Knight Pawns Chess
7101MM def
7101MM-dif defaultvvv
71014*Chess (four dimensional chess) default
7101Lazy King Chess default
7101Lemurian Great Shatranj LGS1
7101Lemurian+Shatranj Lemurian1
7101Losing Chess (new array) RQNB
7101Maor Maorider default
7101maces+and+horse-apults alf
7101Mad Queens Chess default
7101Mixed Pawn Chess mixedpawnchess
7101Mamra Chess with Wuss II Alfaerie
7101Mamra Chess with Wuss III default
7101Man Remixed with crazy pawns default
7101Greater Chess Greater
7101Great Shatranj 8x8 test Alfaerie 2
7101Cylindrical Symmetric Chess default
7101Dragonchess greg
7101Fabulous FIDEs vs. Nifty Nightriders default
7101Fabulous FIDEs vs. Colorbound Clobberers
7101Fabulous FIDE vs. Cunning Cupids D default
7101extinction+chess Abstract
7101Equestrian Chess default
7101Alapo Alapo
7101Enhanced Courier Chess enhancedcourier
7101En Passant Chess of Koksal Karakus default
7101En Passant Chess EnPassant
7101Elven Shogi judgmentality
7101Elephant Hunt (equal armies 1)
7101Mir Chess Alfaerie 2
7101Each Piece Once for Double Chess Each Piece Once for Double Chess
7101Dynamic Chess crabchess2b(big)
7101double+doppelganger+chess default
7101Fabulous Flying Kittens with Extra Armies Sideways FabulousFlyingKittenswithextraarmiessideways
7101Modern+Courier+Chess default
7101Czech Checkers Default
7101Dababa pawns Dababa pawns
7101Dave's Silly Example Game default
7101Deathmatch Chess N-A
7101Deluxe+Chess Deluxe Chess
7101desert+pub+chess DPC2
7101Diagonal Devils default
7101Double Wing Chess High2test
7101Different Pawn Chess default
7101Different+Pawns+Random+Chess default
7101Disintegration+Chess DC
7101DoGod Random Chess default
7101Double Chess with powerful pieces Double Chess with Powerful Pieces
7101Double Doppelganger Chess default
7101Fabulous FIDEs vs. Nutty Knights
7101Falcon Chess Customized spratt
7101Great Shatranj 36 Alfaerie 2
7101Frolov Chess - Ajax Bishops Variation Alfaerie
7101Grand Tamerlane Kamil grandtamerlanekamil
7101Grand Tamerlane Frog grandtamerlanefrog
7101Grand Shatranj test Shatranj test
7101Grand Shatranj (g set) Historical
7101Grand Chu Shogi grandchushogi
7101Grand Chess vs Grand Shatranj GCvsGS1
7101Modern Chess (9x8) default
7101Active King Chess default
7101Good and Naked Chess Goodflying
7101Actualized Potential Chess default
7101Adjutant Chess Adjutant Chess(small graphics)
7101Fugue Rococo with Edgehogs D default
7101Fugue Rococo with Edgehogs B default
7101Advanced Wizard Chess Advanced Wizard Chess
7101Falcon Chess with Dragons and Scorpions Falcon Chess with Dragons and Scorpions
7101FIDE Chess Kamil VIII Alfaerie
7101Falcon Queen Chess melons
7101Falcon+Chess Alfaerie
7101FF vs Knightriders 1
7101Fianchetto Chess with Bishop Castling FianchettoChess
7101FIDE Chess Kamil II Alfaerie
7101FIDE Chess Kamil V Alfaerie
7101Modern Fischer Random Chess Modern Fischer Random Chess
7101Free Castling Chess def
7101Flank_Chess default
7101Fluffy Flying Kittens Two Army Chess Sideways with Warp Lines FluffyKittens2Armywithwarplines
7101Flying Fluffy Kittens Chess FluffyKittens
7101Flying Kittens Chess with Many Different Armies Chesswithmanydifferentarmies
7101fnbszjks chess fnbszjks chess
7101Central Symmetric Chess default
7101Omega Chess 10x8
7101near+chess NC1
7101swapmate+chess default
7101Shatranjian Dragon Shogi default
7101Shatranjian Shogi default
7101SymHex default
7101SHORANJI default-ji
7101SHORANJI Maximus default-ji2
7101Six Fortresses default
7101Fabulous Flying Kittens FabulousFlyingKittens
7101Six Fortresses Short Range default
7101Suzumu Shogi default
7101Super Tripunch Chess AlfaerieMany
7101Exinox Chess Default
7101Storm+the+Ivory+Tower version2
7101ssehC ssehCnonauto
7101Shafran's Hexagonal Chess default
7101Spacious Cannoneers vs Nutty Knights default
7101Metamorph Chess
7101The Black Ghost with Black Ghost on d6 TheblackGhost
7101The Black Ghost with Black Ghost on c6 TheblackGhost
7101The Black Ghost TheblackGhost
7101Texas Two-Step: an obscure political commentary TTSchess
7101Test Remarkable Rookies vs. Nutty Knights default
7101Test Nutty Knights vs. Remarkable Rookies default
7101Templar+Extinction+Chess default
7101Transcendental Chess
7101Templar+Chess Alfaerie-PNG
7101TamerSpiel Redux TamerspielRedux
7101Ryugi abstract
7101Falcon Hexagonal Chess default121
7101Tamerlane Mod 3 Tamerlane Mod 3
7101Takeover+Chess+in+64+squares Alfaerie
7101Spacious Cannoneers vs Remarkable Rookies default
7101Spacious Cannoneers vs Fabulous FIDE default
7101The Central Squares for 8 x 8 Boards Central Squares
7101Dueling Archbishops Dueling Archbishops
7101Shatar-Old 1 Hia ShatarOld1Hia
7101Vortex Chess Vortex Chess
7101Hindustani Chess
7101Shako_Balbo_mod_2 default
7101Each Piece Once Chess JPG-Alfaerie
7101Secret Invisible Pass Chess SymchessUnicornGreat
7101Schachdame default
7101Twinmove Chess (uncompelled) twinmovechess2
7101Save+the+Standard+13x13 ManyRedGold13
7101Russian Checkers Default
7101CC vs DD default
7101RuBeN Chess RuBeN Chess
7101RRvsFF default
7101Royal Pawn Army vs. Fabulous FIDES RoyalPawnZoneX
7101shatar-old+1+hia ShatarOld1Hia
7101Shatranj Kamil Setup 3 Shatranj Kamil Setup 3
7101Swedish Cannon Chess default
7101TessChess round1
7101Spacious Cannoneers vs Colorbound Clobberers default
7101Symchess SymchessUnicornGreat
7101Skica skica1
7101Eric's Great Chess Eric Great Chess
7101Six+Fortresses default
7101Sissa Chess XII Sissa Chess XII
7101Simpleton's Chess NC1
7101shatranj+darwinian ShatranjD
7101Simple Simon Trading Places Chess RoyalPawnZoneX
7101Elkrider Chess elkriderchess1
7101Elk Chess (with Scorpions) elkchess2
7101Elk Chess elkchess1
7101Turkish Chess default
7101ShortRange Courier Chess ShortRange Courier Chess
7101Reformed Chess Reformedchess(big graphics)
7101Fighting Kings JPG-fk
7101Rotation Chess II default
7101Ladder Chess default
7101Juxtaposition Chess JPG-juxta
7101Bachelor Kamil
7101King's Reincarnation JPG-GMS
7101WizardChess WizardChess
7101Kozune Kozune
7101Wildestest Kingdom Chess Playtest WKC3
7101Leapers Chess default
7101Jumping Knights Chess Jumping Knights Chess
7101Gunnery Chess (with Scorpions) gunneryscorpionchess1
7101Wildebeast_9 default
7101Whole Move Chess default
7101Warlord: Lakes 2 Warlord 2.521
7101Warlord: A Test of Wills Warlord 2.6
7101Warlord 2.0 Warlord 2.0
7101Wuss II-T default
7101Wuss III default
7101Gryphon Aanca Chess 3gkg
7101Half Courier Half Courier
7101Zebrabeest Chess Zebrabeest
7101Herculean Chess sorcerer
7101zcherryz_17tony1 zcherryz_17tony1
7101zcherryz7c zcherryz7c
7101zcherryz7b_1 zcherryz7b_1
7101zcherryz17c zcherryz17c
7101Hopper Chess hopperchess1
7101Jetan Jeddara jeddara
7101X Chess 3 default
7101Wuss+II default
7101House of Mirrors Chess default
7101Half Chess of Ralph Betza Half Chess of Ralph Betza
7101Ideal Chess IDLCPreSet02
7101I'm a Ferz, Get Me Into There! imaferz
7101W.W.W.CHESS wwwleo
7101Grand Warp Point Chess Grand Warp Point Chess
7101the+black+ghost TheblackGhost
7101Orphic Chess orphicchess1
7101Turkish Great Chess V
7101Palace Ninja Guards Palace Ninja Guards
7101Turkish Great Chess IV
7101Elephant Hunt
7101Pick the Piece Big Chess AirTrenchWarfare
7101Tigrey default
7101Omega Transplant Transplant
7101Presiding Chess default
7101Prime Ministers Random Chess PM-Random-Chess
7101third+runner Third runner
7101Pyrrhus Chess pyrrhuschess
7101There is no queen but two compounds - Ajax variation 9x8reversed
7101There is no queen but two compounds 9x8
7101Two Kings Falcon Chess Alfaerie
7101Nutty Shogi nutty
7101Medusa Shogi MedusaShogi
7101Modern drunk elephant shogi Modern drunk elephant shogi
7101W C D EvsJ wildebeestEvsJ
7101Victorian+Chess Magnetic
7101Grand Shogi Grand Shogi
7101Gorgona Chess gorgonachess
7101VicChess 1
7101Very Ugli Chess with a Row of Quintessential Quadrupeds and Lots of Wazirs, Alfils, Leos and Amazons UgliChess2
7101Modern Makruk Normal
7101Net Chess netchess
7101Modern Random Chess 64 MRC64
7101Variety Chess VarietyChess
7101Monadchess II Monadchess II
7101Multiple of 10 Checkmate alfaerie
7101Universal Decimal Chess udc-1
7101Una Chess unachess1
7101Nilakantha's Intellectual Game
7101Mid-evil Chess Mid-evil Chess
7101Ninth Century Indian Chess
7101Achilles Chess Main-Setup
71014-Way Double Capablanca Chess default
71014-way+chess 4-WAY CHESS
71019 x 9 Passed Pawns Chess default
7101A Logical Follow Up to Duke of Rutland Chess A Logical Follow Up to Duke of Rutland Chess
7101A Logical Follow Up to Duke of Rutland's Chess DukesChess
7101A Somewhat Illogical Follow Up to a Logical Follow Up Duke of Rutland Chess - Part 1 A Logical Follow Up to Duke of Rutland Chess
7101Actualized Potential Chess vs. FIDE default
71013D Sideways Great Shatranj 3D SGtS 1
7101Advanced Chess Advanced Chess
7101Advancer chess default
7101Ajax 3D Chess Alfaerie
7101Burmese Chess Burmese Chess
7101Ajax Citadel Wars Alfaerie1
7101Ajax Euchess Alfaerie
7101Byelorussian Chesskers Byelorussian Chesskers
71013-D Great Shatranj 3D GtS 1a
7101ajax+chess MainSetup
7101Threatened Pawn Chess
7101Nutty Knights vs. Fabulous FIDEs
7101Dragonfly DF
7101not-so+colorbound+cylindrical+chess Not-so colorbound cylindrical chess
7101Not-so colorbound cylindrical chess Not-so colorbound cylindrical chess
7101Not Chess Alfaerie
7101Carrousel Chess magnetic
7101Turkish Great Chess VI
71012g+Chess default
7101Cannonrider Chess cannonriderchess2
7101Cannon Shosu Shogi default
7101Zone X
710112 Sharp Timur 12SharpTimur
7101144 Chess with Griffons 2
7101144 Chess with Nightriders 3
71012g Chess default
7101Ajax Modern Random Chess Alfaerie
7101Alice Modern Shatranj default
7101Ruddigore Chess
7101Canadian Checkers Default
7101Byzantine Chess Expanded PowerByzantine
7101Camel and Duke Chess Camel and Duke Chess
7101Camel Cardinal Chess GoodflyingArnback
7101Betza's Flying Circus Betza Flying Circus
7101Camelrider's Quadriga Chess Default
7101Camels vs Riders def
7101Nearlydouble Chess default
7101Bungalow Shatranj 8x8 default
7101Capablanca Chess with Different Armies SS_vs_CC
7101Battle Room Chess Normal
7101Capablanca's Chess early 10 x 8 rnabqkbmnr default
7101Capablanca+Chess default
7101Capatomic Random Chess 00
7101CC vs CC default
7101Bungalow Shatranj 8x8 V.2 default
7101Bird's Chess birdschess
7101Aliens Vs Predators Episode 2 AVP
7101Altair with Grand-Cannons
7101Annapurna1 asymmetric
7101Nifty Nightriders vs. Fabulous FIDEs default
7101Asymmetric Army
7101Atlantean+Barroom+Shatranj Atlantean Barroom Shatranj
7101Breakthrough Chess default
7101Balanced Mamra Chess with Wuss defaultx
7101Nifty Nightider Army vs. Fabulous FIDEs default
7101Balls of Fluff with Two Bishops BallsofFluffwithTwoBishops
7101Bario for Capablanca Chess BarioCapablanca
7101Battle of the Minds default
7101Bishop Knight Morph Factor default
7101Bird's Chess - Reverse Symmetry birdschessreverse
7101Separate Realms Chess
7101Nutty Knights vs. Colorbound Clobberers
7101Royal Court default
7101Pre-Chess pre-chess
7101Random 3D Chess Alfaerie
7101Contramatic Chess default
7101Racing+Kings default
7101Quantimex Quantum
7101Complete Permutation Chess default
7101pretentious+chess default
7101Pool Chess
7101Regulator Chess default
7101Mini Thunder Chess
7101pompeii+chess Pompeii Chess
7101Pocket+Shogi+Copper default
7101Chinese court Chinese court
7101Ready Chess
7101Ravioli Chess
7101Rapacious default
7101Turkish Great Chess Variation III
7101PK Chess PK Chess
7101Rider+Army+vs.+FIDE default
7101roswell+chess default
7101Bifocal Chess
7101Rococo with Birds I Alfaerie
7101Rococo with Archers II Alfaerie
7101Displacement Chess 2 disp1
7101Right or Left Chess default
7101Remarkable Rookies vs. Colorbound Clobberers
7101Rider Army vs. FIDE default
7101Retreating Chess default
7101Renniassance Chess II Renniassance Chess II
7101Renniassance Chess for 12 x 14 Renniassance Chess for 12 x 14
7101Crooked Chess default
7101remote+sensing Remote Sensing
7101Remarkable Rookies vs. Fabulous FIDEs RRvsFF
7101Chessence of Jim Winslow default
7101Mirrored Pendulum Chess with Spooky Black and White Ghosts Popping Up Everywhere TheblackGhost
7101Ordinary NonCleopatra-Flipping Cleopatra Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101Champagne Chess default
7101Ordinary NonCleopatra-Flipping, Non-Cleopatra Capturing Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101Ordinary Pawnflipping Cleopatra Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101BordahBee Alfaerie
7101Ordinary Pawnflipping, Non-Cleopatra-Flipping Cleopatra Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101Ordinary Pawnflipping, Non-Cleopatra-Flipping, Non-Cleopatra Capturing Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101Outrigger Torus Chess (Cornback Variation) OutriggerTorus
7101Mystery Chess default
7101Overlord X1 Overlord Chess 2.01
7101Oxram Chess default
7101Ordinary Cleopatra Chess Cleopatra Chess
7101One Way Schoolbook default
7101Big Board Chess Magnetic
7101Compton Medieval Chess Medieval Chess
7101Yapsan's Spherical Chess default
7101Pizza Kings vs. Fabulous FIDES default
7101Pillars of Medusa
7101Piece Testing piece_testing
7101Mirrored Pendulum Chess Mirrored Pendulum
7101Pentapremonitory Chess Pentapremonitory Chess
7101Paulowich's Chancellor Chess PaulowichChancellor
7101Patricia Patricia
7101omega+chess Alfaerie
7101Pao Vao Chess default
7101Transmitter Chess Transmitter
7101One Set, Four Boards Onesetfourboards
7101Slide Chess
11740Existentialist Chess
11740Anti-King Chess II
11740Go Preset for Game Courier
11740Dervish Chess
11740Arch-Chancellor Chess
11740Play Janus Chess on Game Courier
11740Dice Mate Chess
11740General and Arch-General Chess
11740More 10
11740Bellows Chess
11740Jetan Sarang
11740Camel and Rhino Chess
11740Capablanca's Chess
11740Mayhem Chess
11740Kobayashi Maru Variant of Star Trek 3-D Chess
11740Hannibal Chess (GC preset with enforced rules)
1174010 Minute Melee
11740Rifle Chess
11740Shock Troops
11740Shatranj Kamil
11740Shatranj Al-Husun - Citadel Chess
11740Seeping Switchers - A Chess with Different Armies Variant
11740Falcon Chess: Passed Pawns, Scorpion and Dragon
11740Save the Standard
11740Falcon Chess Variants - Several
11740Royal Standard
11740Falcon King Chess
11740FIDE Chess with Extra Pieces
11740Revised Chess
11740SOHO Chess
11740Replacement Chess
11740FIDE Frolic
11740Rennaissance Chess II
11740Remote Sensing with On & Off-Board Detection
11740Remote Sensing 8 x 8
11740Relocation Chess
11740Fifo Chess
11740Regiment Random Chess
11740Regiment Chess
11740Raumschach (rules enforcing)
11740Randomscorpions Chess
11740Fighting Kings and Throne Kings
11740Quintessential Chess
11740Querquisite Chess
11740Simpleton's Chess Preset
11740Sorcerer Chess
11740Quadruple Besiege Chess
11740WAD Chess
11740Eight-Stone Chess
11740Valiant Chess
11740Twinmove Chess (compulsory)
11740Twin Knights
11740Tutti-Frutti Chess
11740Turret Chess
11740Tree Garden Chess
11740Time Travel Chessgi
11740Throne Chess
11740Three Elephants Chess
11740Threat Chess, Attackers Chess and Victims Chess
11740En Passant Chess - Koksal Karakus' version
11740Tango Chess
11740Tale of Two Countries
11740Swedish Hopper Chess
11740Swedish Chess
11740Super Maharadscha
11740Super Knights Chess 2
11740Stuck in the Middle with You
11740Stones and Relays
11740Squirrels and Camels Chess
11740Split Phase Tri-Plane
11740Spartan Chess 28
11740Spacious Cannoneers vs Betza's classic armies
11740Quake Chess
11740Pseudo-Modern Random Chess
11740War of World`s Warriors Chess
11740Gustavian-Cannon Chess
11740Logical Followup to Duke of Rutland Chess and Some Others
11740Little Trio
11740Lines of Relay
11740Leapers Creeepers
11740Latrunculi duo milia et septum
11740Large Nahbi Chess
11740Ladorean Chess
11740Kozune vs FIDE
11740Knight-Relay Chess
11740Gustavian Camelrider Chess
11740Kings Reincarn. II - Altered States Variant
11740Gustavian Camelrider Chess (with Scorpions)
11740Gustavian Cannonrider Chess
11740Maces and Horse-apults
11740Indistinguishable Chess
11740Improved Chess
11740I'm a Wazir, Get Me Out of Here
11740Hunt Chess
11740House of 10 Mirrors - H o M Variant
11740Hopper-Elk Chess
11740Hopper Chess (with Scorpions)
11740Half Chess Pawnless
11740Hexagonal Raumschach
11740Hexagonal Hole Chess
11740Hexagonal Chess with Hexagonalers
11740Hex Dragonal Chess
11740Hex Dabbaba Qi
11740Henry VIII Chess Preset
11740Gunnery Chess (8x10)
11740Maces, Horse-apults, and Tulpas
11740Final Fight CCChess
11740Ninjutsu (Claustrophobia 2)
11740Fischer Placement Chess (Chess25)
11740Placement Chess
11740Flexible Chess (F-chess)
11740Fluid Chess
11740Flying Bombers Grand Chess
11740Four-Way Chess
11740Paulovits's Game
11740Parity Chess
11740Oxybeles Chess
11740Orphic Chess (with Elks)
11740Gamma2 Chess
11740Nightrider Armies
11740Maces, Shields, and Horse-apults
11740New Renniassance Chess
11740New Chess
11740Near Chess Preset
11740Naydorian Chess
11740Nahbi Chess
11740Modern Shatranj D & R
11740Giant Chess 2
11740Millennium Chess Preset
11740Might-Lion Chess
11740Mid-evil Chess
11740Meteoric Chess
11740Gunnery Chess
11740Mad Elephant Chess
11740Ecumenical Chess
11740Warlord: Clash of Arms
1174012 Sharp Chess
11740CDA: Pizza Kings
11740Trophy-Hunt Chess
11740Triumverate Chess
11740Castle Chess
11740Summoner's Chess
11740Suffocation Chess
11740CCChess - shuffle version
11740CCCHess,Demon Vs SSShess
11740Symmetron! 44
11740Symmetron! 112
11740CDA: Demi-Rifle Army
11740CDA: Meticulous Mashers
11740Queens or Castles
11740CDA: Spacious Cannoneers
11740Blue Chess or Deep Blue Vs. Kasparov Chess
11740Mini-POM (Mini Pillars of Medusa)
11740Dual Chess
11740CDA Variant: Fighting Fizzies
11740CCC - The Clash of Civilizations Chess
11740Positional 3-D Chess
11740Cellular Chess
11740Shogi with Impassable Kings
11740Play Metamachy on Game Courier
11740Play I-Chess on Game Courier
11740CGNP chess
11740Play Chess on the Dot on Game Courier
11740Pillars of Medusa Preset for Game Courier
11740Chess 1010
11740Bomberman Chess
11740Bland Chess 46
11740Chess with Different Armies: Cylindrical Cinders
117403D Great Shatranj
117404 Kings Quasi-Shatranj
117404 x 4 x 8 Tridimensional Chess
117404D Hexagonal Chess
117404D Quasi-Alice Chess
11740A9 HexaChess
11740Accessory Chess (with Divaricator)
11740Adjutant Chess (with Adjutants)
11740AIGO Chess
11740Air Attack Chess
11740All pieces of classic chesses
11740Andy's Chess
11740Black Ghost
11740Arabian Nights Chess
11740Arch Courier
11740Arrangement Chess
11740AVP Episode 2
11740Azerbaijan Chess
11740Bank Chess
11740Banner Xiangqi
11740Barbershop Quartet
11740Battery Chess
11740Battle Line
11740Besiege Chess
11740Big Chess
11740Chess with Promoters Preset for Game Courier
11740Chess with Extended Castle
11740Wide SOHO Chess
11740Double EIGHTEEN-STONE chess
11740Culverin Chess
11740Delegating Chess
11740D B Extreme ! (Doppelganger BordahBee Extreme)
11740Demon Game
11740Diffusion Chess
11740Dimachaer Chess
11740Bifold Halfgi
11740DoGod Random
11740Asteryx Chess
11740Anti-King Chess
11740Doppelganger BordahBee
11740Double Diamond
11740Dr. Who Chess
11740Critters: Chesimals III
11740Dragonet Chess
11740Nine-Queen Chess
11740Mythical Fantasy Conquest
11740Zeppelin Chess
11740zephyr chess
11740X Chess
11740Wormhole Xiang Qi
11740Wizard Chess
11740Wives Versus Guards
11740Wild Tamerlane Chess
11740Dynamic Chess (Chess4)
11740Cube Shogi
11740Fusion Diamond 41
11740Chess with Extra Bishops
11740Chess With Wizards
11740Take Over Chess
11740Spacious Torus Chess
11740Turkish Great Chess Variation V
11740PBM Preset for Peasant Revolt
11740Palace Revolution
11740Play Nadvorney's Spherical Chess on Game Courier
11740Coherent Chess (updated)
11740Play Miller's Spherical Chess on Game Courier
11740Mad Chess (Stone=White)
11740Mad Chess (Steel=White)
11740Commodore Chess
11740Compound Chess
11740Play Knightmate on Game Courier
11740Configuration Chess
11740Interdependent Chess
11740Contemporary Random Chess (CRC)
11740Corral Chess.
11740Hex Shogi 41
11740Courier Chess - Modified
11740Turkish Great Chess Variation IV
11740Courier de los Combinados
11740Knight-Pawn Chess
Total Variants Listed: 1459
Total Games Played: 9157

Written by Fergus Duniho
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